Big Dig woes again

I had to drive by Cambridge yesterday, they had I-93 NB blocked coming from the airport ... at 2pm on a weekday! Madness!I once had to go to Detroit, Michigan and come back on the same day. This was back in March, they had I93 blocked off going into East Boston so I had to go an a really bad detour. But This was at 5am and 1am -I can understand dismantling the old Green decks at night. But Yesterday I was driving back from the airport -they didnt say I-93 was blocked before the tolls, no they would rather collect money on the tolls and wait for me to emerge on the other side of the Sumner Tunnel pissed off- hell they already got their money! If I had known they would have blocked I-93 NB I would have just taken Route 1A. Anyway sorry for bitching but what normally would have been a 15 min ride turned into 45min. Cause once I got on 93 (in Somerville) there was NO traffic. But these idiots had me driving all throughout Boston, with poor detour signs that are posted right AT the place you are supposed to turn so I had to drive like a jackass cutting in front of people etc, pissing a score of people off.

So yesterday I had a shedload of bags I had checked on my flight from Detroit and so I had to buy one of those rent-a-cart things for $3 and since I had that cart I had to take the elevator. I flew Northwest Airlines so I was in Terminal E (International terminal) The best terminal at Boston, but when I came back yesterday, it was at the same time loads of Trans-Atlantic flights were coming in, so there was a line to get on the elevator. I had no choice but to use it, (again because of the rent a cart thing... I couldnt take the escalator or I would have) but some people were just holding their bags, and didnt even need to use it, (They could have eaisly used the escalator) so anyway this one lady was in front and kept hitting the button to go up. There was a total of 2 elevators, with 2 lines formed. Once the other elevator opened up to let those people on, they all loaded up and the doors were closing, but this lady failed to realize that if you hit the button while the other elevator's doors are open, -even if they are1 cm away from being shut -the other elevators doors are just going to re open and re open and stay. So I told her what the deal was and she got bitchy with me-I wanted to say something else to her but I kept to myself -don't want any trouble. She finally got in and when it came time to tell the person next to the buttons which floor this broad says "We all are going to 3" when in fact, I was not I was going to 4 (The walkway to Central parking) The elevator stopped at 3 and she got off. As soon as she got off I could tell she had gotten off at the wrong level and she probably meant to get off at 4. It looked as if she was picking up her dad from a flight. Some oblivious looking around and she started to come back to the elevator as the doors were closing. The elevator had emptied out a bit and I was at the front now next to the "Door open" button. The doors closed completely before they could get to the door. (revenge is sweet)
Anyway I got back to my car in Central Parking, paid the $66 to have my car there for 2.4 days and drove off and then you know the rest of the story.