New take on the Zakim

Almost new Years and I am flat out Broke. Its not easy being able to admit that. After exhausting my savings, I need employment soon even if it is working as a slave. So please anyone reading this, please click on my google ads. Don't get click happy with it, but help a brotha out please.

Anyway, hopefully things will turn out better in the new year. Having to work temporarily somewhere, and my interview is on the 4th.

Looking to get fucking wasted this new years. Drown out the pain.


New Avatar again

I love the Boston one. But somehow want to convey my love of the podcast. Hope to start my own shortly. When I can afford to.


New Avatar

Yes it seems like that time again, when I will update my avatar at the 3 boards I visit.

This one was a photo taken on a rainy day in Boston. We were just about to dip into the Charles River. I took this snap of the Zakim Bridge. If you look very closely you can see raindrops on the surface of the water (after enlarging the photo of course) and also the Commuter Rail train going over the river.

Photo was taken 12 October, 2003

Podcasts -Australia is on summer break




Just became a member. Heard about it on Adam Curry's show today.


Gun Nuts

On one of my message boards there was a link to a pretty disturbing video out of Oklahoma. I have got no beefs with gun nuts -some are a bit kooky so you have to watch out for that, but in general they don't pose a problem. I did have a problem seeing a big fat mofo as one of them. And I know I am jumping ahead of myself here cause I don't know a thing about this man, but, the stereotypical neocon war hawks who always claim their freedoms are being taken away are usually uneducated fat ass mofos in the south and the midwest from what I have seen. And its usually those asshats who would be the last guys to step up and join the army. That doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of vets out there who are not fat ass mofos and who at the same time are indeed gun nuts. Lets leave them out of this discussion. Its the fat ass Rush Limbaugh types that kind of get to me. video here



Thanksgiving meal was plentiful. Spent the day job hunting. Started pissing it down with rain so I came home.

Now hungry. May order a pizza while listening to podcasts.

Came across a funny website. You post your own messages and they are relayed to an LED sign in Calgary, AB, Canada that can be viewed via webcam.

Funny stuff.


Shit Happens

I had reduced myself to work in a plant. It wasn't actually on the assembly line, so it could have been worse. It was working in an office so that wasn't really bad. I had reduced myself to working through a temp agency. I had reduced myself to accepting a huge pay cut just to pay the bills. So I am working through this temp agency and each night I would have to ask the security guard to clock me out using one of those old-fashioned time card things (one that I hadn't seen since 1993). I tell the man my number. "Hey I'm number 4" No names just numbers. I had gotten the overall feeling that this company had treated temps as nothing more than a pair of hands, nothing more than a number. Not like they were actual human beings. I catch glimpse of a yellow post-it note attached to my timecard. It says:

What could it be? I thought standing there. Here it was 6 30 pm I had just put in a full day and a full week. Echoes of "Office Space" could be heard in my head.

"We find its always best to fire someone on a Friday..."

Well there was a moment of fear there. But half of me said not to worry, I hadn't done anything wrong, and I should just enjoy my weekend.

And I did. I saw two movies, and just relaxed very nicely.

So now 7 30 am comes around and I am "reporting" if you will, to the temp agency. I can already tell what the woman is going to say to me by reading her body language. And you already know what she told me as well.

Anyway I am pissed off right now. I am pissed off at this economy and I am pissed off at this job market. I am an educated person. I have technical skills. These companies try and boast that their shit is "Made in the USA" but the harsh realities of it are these companies don't give a shit about their workers. And they try and skimp out on everything to make their profits higher for themselves. They wipe their asses with temp workers like the toilet paper that they are so they can skimp out on healthcare and benefits costs. The cunts.

I have been trying for the past 8 months to find something permanent and something direct. The temp service was used only as a last resort. I am bitter. This strengthens my hatred for fatcat CEOs and "the man". This country is fucked up. This is only one out of many other things that prove this.


thing that I hate #22

When in a restaurant, you get a baked potato, and they feel the need to use a fecking Ice cream scooper to apply butter in the split baked potato.

Who the fuck needs that much freaking butter? No wonder Heart Disease is the #1 killer in America.

Listen to this podcast

I know I may have already posted this, but one of my podcasts (Coolshite) spoke of a scary future in America. It reminded me of this podcast. You must listen to it. It is a great story.

Anyway, if things go wrong tomorrow (the unknown road ahead) I will be bitching and complaining very loudly here tomorrow.



Google Images search

Saw this on another blog so I'll play along.

Town I grew up in

Town I live in now

My name

My grandmothers name

Favorite Food

Favorite Drink

Favorite song

Favorite smell

This Summer's photos

Before & After. (I appear a fat Bastard)

Dumb people

I used to run a series of posts titled "Some people do not deserve to live" well there are some people out there that do not deserve a brain.

ABC Video

I really feel sorry for the girl. Some people are so ignorant though. And that Manager definitely has a few brain cells missing. And WTF was that guy thinking? He must have thought he was getting lucky. A big thanks to Big Brother for catching the weird dude.

Found this originally on Coolshite forums. I remember hearing on WRKO about the Wendy's incidents.

New Fanu mix

Well New to me anyway. Hurry up and grab this one cause it may not last.

mp3 128kbps

Bush/Clinton Katrina Fund

In honor of the unleashing of Google Ads onto this blog. (not many people look at it anyway) I will write a post regarding the first ad I saw after republishing. It is a link to the Bush/Clinton Kartina Fund. I think its great that both guys can come together in order to help people in need. I liked the fact that they did so after the Devastating Tsunami of 26 Dec 2004. And I am so glad they came together for this Hurricane Katrina disaster.

So many disasters this year. They had an earthquake in Pakistan which received little or no (slow) aid. More people perished in that horrible accident. Most Americans are oblivious to this event and how many people did die. Almost a disbelief of the reported numbers.

Anyway that's my post about it.



Word verification that is. Man how could I have not seen this?

No more spambot problems should arise now in comments. :)

On to blogging

Well I havent reported that we have moved, (1 OCT) and also I got a new job. The job is ok, not in anyway related to my skills. But anyway its a job and it pays the bills. I work in an auto manufacturing plant not in assembly, but with the Production Control dept. I work as a temp which is annoying cause there is no health coverage. It pays very meagerly as well. But anyway its just something for now.

Halloween came and went and we had about 300 kids coming by in our new neighborhood. I can't believe it. I saw lods of parents driving around in cars etc. It kind of pissed me off cause these people werent even from this neighborhood, but We were going to give out the candy anyway. We were out by 7pm or so. We took Daniella out to family. Drove her to 3 different places. Which is a bit odd in my opinion. My oldest memories of Halloween is of me walking around the neighborhood in which we lived. Its not an odd concept. I mean, why are there about 300 kids we don't know knocking on our door? I remember hospitals offering to x ray candy and fruit, cause there was some sick fuck putting razor blades etc in apples. (1982)

Anyway, the weather has finally gotten cooler here and I am glad for it. I hate hearing people around here bitch and moan about how cold it is (40º F) please! Last year they got 1cm of snow here. Whereas in Boston last winter we got about 60 inches. Right now, at 0933 its 71º F! Nice and it will save on the power bill. I love the winters here but I hate the summers.

I don't really have time to update this often. I leave for work at 0730 and don't get home until 1700. Then its evening dinner time, family time etc. Until Daniella goes to sleep. And then I am trying to listen to my podcasts. But I am taking my iPod to work now. Keeping it with me at all times in my pocket. I can listen to it in the office, but not out on the floor. I believe I am all caught up now. Sunday Night Safran is not on now until 2006. Its just Adam Curry cause his a daily show.

Thats about it really.


well I re enabled anonymous comments. Apparently this prick has a blog himself. Its an advertising blog and I reported it to blogger.

Have a nice fucking day you prick.


Last resort

Had to disable anonymous comments. Those spam fuckers kept on hitting my site.

Newest spammer

2005.11.04 1919 EDIT: Found the post where Hotel Nice has posted.


I don't give a fuck about your carpet cleaning

Listen cunts. Whatever robot or program you have running to post comments on my blog, kill it now. I hate getting emails showing a new comment that I can't find.

I got a nice website to give you some ideas of what you are serving on a daily basis.

Quit spamming me you cunts! I am not even in Texas, and Even if I was I wouldn't use your stupid service. So lick my gooch!

Look at this unprofessional website.

Here is the big deal, I am getting a shitload of comments posted on this blog they are all the exact same thing from some ad bot. Example in my inbox:

plano carpet cleaning » [|Chris|] 11/02/2005 07:02:43
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plano carpet cleaning » [|Chris|] 10/25/2005 17:42:36
carpet cleaning plano » [|Chris|] 10/24/2005 11:57:15

I cant find them at all.

Here is a copy of the comment:

Hello Chris Im looking for sites with information about carpet cleaning plano and found your site. Even though this post is different than what i was looking for I found it intresting i see why your blog got my attention when i was looking for carpet cleaning plano related blogs I am glad I stopped by even though its not a perfect match Great Post! I enjoyed it Great Read! I have a Carpet Cleaning Company with a pretty good website carpet cleaning plano it has some good information on on carpet stains and pet odor if you ever need some advice on those things.
Thanks again
Sterling Myers

Well Sterling Myers, you can go get fucked. Your website isn't "pretty good" it isn't even good. It sucks ass. Quit spamming me.

2005.11.04 1917 EDIT: Found the post where Sterling Myers is posting his garbage.


My music likes / dislikes

Its all very simple.

I like all forms of music, I discovered this today while I was driving to my dentist's appointment listening to 91.1 FM. I like all forms rock. I don't like some classic rock, like that stupid ass live concert song that seems to go on and on and on for 10+ minutes, and that stupid ass Bye bye Miss American Pie bullshit. I do like metal, and alternative etc.

Like all forms of rap EXCEPT that stupid shitty dirty south bullshit. I cannot fucking stand that shit. East coast and west coast and midwest rap is fine. But that stupid same old ass high beats and stupid repetitive lyrics are really annoying. You know the type, like the music featured in the film "Hustle and Flow" That shit is stupid as hell.

OK now that I have said my piece regarding rap, I will mildly say that I can't really listen to country either. Never really liked it. I can't help but wanting to puke when I hear a song like "Redneck yacht club" ANd I bet you are probably thinking "well if you don't like it, don't listen to it." Nice but sometimes I am forced to listen to it because of the people in the office listening to it.


More podcasts

Got some new podcasts I listen to now. (not really enough time to do so but I try) I wish I could make one and it really isn't that hard to do so, but I just haven't got the time to do it now.



Search Logs

Been getting a fuck load of Search words including "Natalie Holloway" lately. I thought I would drudge it up again cause I last complained about it here.

I came across a very funny funny op/ed about it that I totally agree with enjoy.

In case the link dies I will repost the text here using a quotation (don't freakin' sue me ok? I think your Op/Ed is a bit of gold I won't even include the whole thing here)

Does the name "Natalee Holloway" ring a bell?

If you follow the news media in the United States, particular the 24-hour cable stations, it certainly ought to. On the other hand, if you've been living in a cave for the past month or so, here are the highlights: Natalee Holloway is an 18 year-old girl from Alabama who vanished on May 30th from the island of Aruba, where she was vacationing with some of her classmates to celebrate their high school graduation. Based on the amount of coverage that this story has received from the national media (Fox News in particular), one must draw the conclusion that this is a Very Important Issue, and that all Americans should care very deeply and personally about it.

I must confess that I do not.

Now, before I get called a heartless bastard, let me hasten to point out that I agree that this story is tragic. Natalee's family and friends have doubtless been going through hell during this past month. I do hope that she can be recovered safe and sound, though that possibility seems very remote at this point. If I were the King of the World, I would snap my fingers and instantly transport every missing person back to the safety of their families.

But what makes Natalee Holloway more important than, say, Reyna Alvarado-Carerra?

In the United States alone, more than a million people are reported missing each year. The majority of these cases involve minors. The majority of those cases are runaways, but there are also significant numbers of abductions at the hands of both relatives and strangers. This brings us to the case of Reyna Gabriella Alvarado-Carerra.

Have you ever heard of her?

I certainly hadn't until I started doing research for this story. Reyna is a 13 year-old Hispanic girl who is believed to have been abducted by a stranger in Norcross, Georgia. She was abducted just a few weeks before Holloway. A Google search on her name yields a grand total of 6 results.

The same search for "Natalee Holloway" turns up 276,000 results.

But Natalee doesn't just get more Google search results. She's getting airtime, baby. As I mentioned in the intro, American news outlets are awash with a veritable cornucopia of Natalee fever. She also gets assistance from the Dutch Marines and special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who apparently already have enough resources at work battling mundane things like terrorism.

Here's the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back, and the reason I am writing this treatise: CNN is now reporting that Holland is sending three F-16 warplanes to assist in the search for Natalee. I was given pause by thinking about the sheer cost of this endeavor. My brother-in-law is a recruiter for the Air National Guard, and I have a rough idea of how much money it costs to even get one of those things off of the ground. How much do you suppose is being spent to equip these planes with the special search equipment and then actually get them to Aruba?




I have been listening to these podcasts since the Spring, I discovered that I have really been missing out. I used to slag off Adam Curry but his Daily Source Code podcast is really great. His promotion of the Podsafe music network is great also. Cause the Podsafe Music network is nothing short of revolutionary. This is one huge network of people from around the world very grassroots. The anti pop music and anti monopoly and anti industry. Totally up my alley. The podcasts listed here are alphebetical but my favorites are Cool Shite on the tube (meaning to donate to those guys soon) and I have a new favorite, Adam Curry. I listen to them in the car, also while doing my night office cleaning job. I must say that the iPod is the best $300 I ever spent. Well worth it. I always delete the old shows (up on my limit for space).

Just wanted to put the word out to the few people reading this.

Check these out and subscribe to them via these xml's:



My name online

I won't post my surname online but In the post below I mentioned the Relay race I did back in 1997, and my name is somewhere among those listed here. I ran the 3rd leg that year.

Those who know me can find me.


Avatar Update

Well I have decided on a new avatar at the 3 boards I visit and I was looking at it, it looks like an excellent piece of art. I never expected it to be. It was Sept. 1997 and I was riding with a group of guys to Skagway, AK to run in a relay race. Its called the Klondike Road Relay This photo was taken near Koidern, YT on the way down. Really excellent photo.


iTunes 5.0

Screenshot of New iTunes 5.0 The podcasts were not erased



Well Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. I have nothing planned except maybe a meal out. I have been working so hard this week I haven't really had time to do anything. I have not had the opportunity to comment on the hurricane or its after effects either. Its hard to believe I have been at this blogging thing for a year already. Of course there have been huge gaps in my posts though. Anyway, I have so far gotten one present from Ashley which is a Casio GW300A -1V Atomic solar G shock. Which is the best watch I have ever owned. I love it. It doesn't need a battery replacement and it never needs to be set.

Got to cut this short cause I have to get ready for work again.


Holy Crap!

Av' a look at what I killed this morning while trying to feed Daniella. It was this big ugly scary fucker. I thought it was a wasp. But It was a gigantic Mud Dauber. Look at the size of him! The quarter is about 1 inch in diameter by comparison.

Jury Duty

I just got this in the mail. The thing is, I don't live in Middlesex County anymore. This sort of pisses me off in a way cause I have always wanted to do Jury Duty. It seems like it would be a quick and painless thing to do.

Reverse Side


Toning down the language

I am thinking maybe I should tone down the language a bit. I may be getting some traffic from someone who was probably looking for something else. I just got done looking at the search engine log. Some are just normal whereas this last one is quite disturbing.

Someone from Holt, MI visited my site today at 16:40:08 EDT after doing an internet search. The search words were:

handicaps fucking

I kid you not. This is a bit disturbing, and I never intended to be somehow linked to anything like that. I was a bit pissed off at the gross overuse of Handicap parking. Or maybe I should have gone with the British term of "Disabled Parking".

Interesting sorts of people in this world.

Awesome album

Thanks to Chris from Coolshite for informing me that it is M83 who do the song on the trailer to Night Watch.

I checked out the rest of their catalogue as well. It's good stuff. The song is called "Unrecorded" and is on the Album "Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts"

Check it out.

Court TV

I love court TV but lately it has been getting nauseating. And the news as well. Back in the middle of July, I was watching a bit of MSNBC and they abruptly cut off Tony Blair talking about the London attacks to bring the story of that missing girl in Aruba. Is it just me or is the media taking too much time covering this story? I seem to be reminded of Jonbenet and Elizabeth Smart. Young kids get kidnapped and killed every single day. You never hear about a black kid. Its always these rich, blonde, cutesy kids. The Elizabeth Smart thing was a prime example. I don't exactly remember but didn't we all come to the conclusion that it was the fault of the mother? They even made a made-for-tv movie about it for chrissakes! (as well as made one about Jonbenet and wasn't that also the parent's fault?)

What the fuck is going on with the media? This girl was kidnapped, yeah. Why the fuck should I care that they are using sonar to locate her on the island. People are freaking dying in the world. Forgive me for my insensitivity but at the most she was just a rich bitch who got herself kilt.

I am especially sick of seeing it dramatized on Court TV

"Natalie Halloway Kidnapping! Day 79!!! New evidence, Radar and sonar searches of the entire island!!! Exclusive!!!"

Gag me already.


Not much really going on

Haven't heard back from any prospective employers yet. This job market sucks and I may have to get a part time job working in a drugstore or somewhere to make ends meet.

Its hot as hell -but what else is new. This is "the south" and although cooler today, it still is too hot for me. In the evenings it is fine but then you have the problem of bugs and mosquitoes etc. I can't wait until fall.


Tonight's complaint

Why people feel the need to light up a cig in a mutherfuckin restaurant is beyond me. Moving from Massachusetts to Tennessee brought many changes and smoking in restaurants is one. This really pisses me off. Yes of course there are smoking sections but what about the poor bastard who has to sit adjacent to these sections? Smokers always bitch and moan that its their "right" and "This is America goddammit" But I say "Fuck You". I have every right to sit in clean air as you fucks have a right to light the fuck up. It is the public arena and govt. should regulate public spaces for health and safety concerns. Plain and simple. I think if any restaurant wants to have a smoking section -a true smoking section -they should seal it up and have vents blowing the crap outside to the roof. All at Smoker's expense BTW. And don't say this isn't possible cause they have it in Boulder, CO. I have been spoiled in MA, being able to walk into a bar or restaurant and not breathe in vile air. We should make signs in restaurants echoing what George Carlin once said:

Smoke if you wish but if you do be prepared for the following series of events:
  • First we will confiscate your cigarette and extinguish it somewhere on the surface of your skin.
  • We will then run your nicotine stained fingers through a paper shredder and throw them into the street where wild dogs will then swallow them and regurgitate them into the sewers so that infected rats can further soil them before they are flushed out to sea with the rest of the city's filth.
  • After such time we will systematically seek out your friends and loved ones and destroy their lives.
And I have argued many times with smokers who say its their right. They constantly say "go find a non smoking restaurant" Well check this shit out Sherlock. (PDF) Where are the smoke free restaurants in Nashville, TN? Freakin morons. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Drive to Delaware to eat dinner?


ATM Fees

Last bitch of the day.

ATM fees. In the UK (back in 2002 anyway) they didnt have any fees to use thier ATMs. My bank only charged me a fee. Now here in the US its everywhere. If you want to take money out the atm charges you a fee if its not your bank. If there is going to be a fee, they should only make it $1 and the banks should pay it. They get enough money at the start. Some banks charge $2.50 in addition to your own bank's $1.50 so a $80 withdrawl becomes $84.

Really pisses me off.


Another thing I have been thinking about is the over use of Handicap parking. Its getting a bit out of hand recently. I feel sorry for the people who are genuinely disabled i. e. amputees and paraplegics. Because of the over use and abuse of these disabled designations, by people who are FAT, there always seems to be no parking available to genuine disabled persons. It really jeezes me off -these fat fucks. If you can walk, then fucking walk! I don;t care if you run out of breath once you get to the front door. That only means you need to walk some more. Leave the handicapped parking for the war vet who lost his leg you inconsiderate twats!

Black Smoke

I am going to start bitching for a bit. I was driving on the way to pick up my daughter some food at the store. A very big and offensive truck was moving slowly. About 20 miles under the limit. Then I noticed that every time it accelerated from a stop thick black smoke poured out the top of it. This pissed me off greatly. I wonder who in the world thinks its ok for black choking smoke to just start pouring out into the atmosphere. Sadly, I thought, there probably is quite a lot of people who think it's perfectly ok to spew black smoke into the air. I use my Car's air conditioning cause it already is hot as hell here. I use the recycle option cause of offensive and foul odors and gasses. When I used to run on the streets I would always choke from trucks passing by.

Just one more thing that pisses me off.


Cool Shite

I must take the time again to plug a podcast called "Cool Shite on the tube". On their webforums I suggested a film a good favorite of mine, "Shaun of the Dead". Must have been a favorite of theirs as well cause they made a review in their latest podcast. And, although I doubt many people will ever read this, I encourage everyone to give their podcast a listen. You don't even need an iPod to listen. Just go to the website. They also mentioned me (dogstar1288) in the broadcast which was cool. I believe it was because of my comments on podcastalley.com

Today has to be one of the hottest days on record. I haven't spent much time outdoors. It is one of those days that when you stand idle, you still sweat. So, all I have done today was wash dishes, vacuum the carpet, sweep the kitchen floor, clean the bathroom, and sweep the grass clippings outside off the sidewalk.

So my favorite podcasts are

Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything -haven't had an update in a while. Maybe he is taking the summer off.
Cool Shite on the Tube
Triple j's Hack
Triple j's Dr. Karl
Triple j's Sunday Night Safran
Al Franken
CBC Radio 3

The air conditioners set for 65. And I am sitting here in my boxer shorts with the blinds shut. Maybe this heat will subside. Its currently sunny, 91º F with 59% relative humidity. The wind speed is a nonexistent 1.3m/s And the air pressure is 1016.6 hPa

I know my Australian friends would love to trade places with me since they were talking of how it was cold and rainy over there now.



Unfortunately there was a place back in Boston that had contacted me within days of my losing my job. Down here in Nashville all they have is construction, manual labor, minimum wage, hot sweaty factory work etc etc etc. I applied for shipping/receiving at a local company. We will see how this one turns out. Right now I am not going to find anywhere that paid as much as I was being paid in Boston. I am also not going to find a job as good, I am better than that! I am educated, I have skills. I am better than an entry level lackey. I am better than an underling :( Looks like I am going to have to go back to college if I want to excel any further.


I wish I had seen it coming, but unfortunately they don't make roadsigns. I fell into a deep depression. It went with the whole "moving to a new place" deal. A failure. Benjamen Walker's The Greater Depression Podcast -LISTEN


Flake Chocolates

So My friend Andy used to bring me back some Flake's from Birmingham each time he would go back. Once We both had work to do in Tennessee. He had given me two-four packs and when I got back to Boston, I had thought I left them in the hotel room. I found those two today hidden in my bag.

You can't get these anywhere around here. :( They blow American chocolate out of the water.


Non Electronic Music

Back in late 1995 I bought a CD from The Amps called "Pacer" As far as I know this is the only album they came out with. I saw it on Overstock here.

Been doing some fishing online for it and found a bootleged liveset from Minneapolis:

First Revival
Bragging Party
Empty Glasses
Breaking the Split Screen Barrier


heh Im dumb...

looked up the root site

Has the whole set



I am starting to really get pissed off about the way people drive here. Once you have driven in Boston you can drive anywhere (in America anyway). I was just driving today and some dumb bitch was driving a huge ass SUV and she was on the cell phone stopped in the middle of the parking lot driveway. I had to give her the horn. Then some twat pulled out onto the road that I was already going 35 on almost hitting me. The dumbass wasn't even looking at me.

Fuck this. I am going to be rude from now on. Fuck these dumbasses. I am going to now be more liberal with my use of the horn. Motherfuckers should learn to drive. That's what a car is for, to drive, not to eat in, have conversations in in the middle of the parking lot. Just shut the fuck up and drive! Motherfuckers!




The first podcast I ever listened to was Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything. I first thought it was a science show in reference to the Theory of Everything. But it is an excellent show. This show is really good. It reminds me of Boston. I can picture every single landmark and place he talks about.

Give it a listen if you have an hour.

Another great one is Cool Shite on the tube. It is an Australian production about media i.e DVDs movies, TV shows, etc. Unedited. Funny and good stuff.

Al Franken, iTunes new music Tuesday, CBC radio 3 new music. I can't seem to find JJJ yet.

The beauty of the podcast is that you can listen to it at anytime. While in the car, or at home whenever.


Podcasts I recommend.

The buffet

I have made the decision again to continue this blog. That probably hasn't gotten any traffic since June. I saw something the other day that absolutely made me sick.

Firstly I will say that I could place some belief in Karma, but my criticisms of others in this post is only to bring awareness of a growing problem. I currently am overweight. I weight 204 lbs. I have gained roughly 10 lbs. Since moving here. I am currently working out and am trying to move forward and get back to my goal weight of 180. Having said that I will continue on with the story:

Sunday I went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. I ignored the five box-shaped individuals sitting in front of me. This restaurant had a special "Sunday Buffet" which no doubt spelt disaster to the restaurant's bottom line.

These people were eating when the host had seated us. I got my food and ate. It took me about fifteen minutes for me to feel full. I stopped eating and was forced to stare at the table of people. I call them people but they were no longer people. They stopped being people when they exceeded the weight of 300 lbs. These "people" were at least 400 lbs each. What struck me was that they were a family. An older couple (obvious by the hair color) were huge (400 lbs or more each) And then there was what looked a son with his wife (again 400 lbs or more each). And what looked like a younger brother. This younger brother was the lightest of the group. I assumed his age to be about 13-15 years. He looked like he already weighed 300 lbs.

The biggest of the group (the first son) went up to the buffet the most. Every time he made the effort to get up -that is lifting his body out of his chair -he would get a plate, fill it up, return it to the table. Then he would remain standing so he could make two more trips to the buffet and return with two more filled plates for an eating session. So by the time he sat back down he would have three filled plates in total for that eating session. In the space of fifteen minutes I waited for my great aunt in law and my grandfather in law to finish their food, this guy made four (4) such trips each having three plates. Having eaten a total of twelve (12) filled plates of Mexican food. These actions were mirrored by the other members of the family. These five people must have put away enough food to feed a village of Ethiopians. I sat there trying to focus elsewhere but I just couldn't. Their table was perpendicular to mine and so they were sitting lengthwise to me -so that I could see five pair of hands almost simultaneously shoving food into five still-hungry mouths.

More shocking is that when the older man -let's call him "the father" was shoveling cheese sauce onto his already stacked plate full of enchiladas another big woman from another table gave him a bad look as if to provoke him into fighting for the food. Then it dawned on me, as we were getting up to pay, I noticed the rest of the restaurant was completely filled with huge people. The combined total weight of the room must have been equal to a large sea vessel or perhaps maybe a 747 jumbo jet. Our family of five was still eating upon my exit. It made me wonder if they ate like that all the time or if it was a special "buffet eating adventure" in which they would chow down for 30-minute eating sessions like competitive eaters.

It is a sad state of affairs when in this country there are more people dying of having eaten too much than there are people dying of starvation. And will soon surpass smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in America. Some of these people had to use canes to aid them in walking. I bet if you followed them into Wal Mart you would note the use of one of those motorized scooters. They probably scammed the state into giving them a disabled permit so they can wrongfully park in the handicapped parking spot. Exactly what they need, less work to do so they can't ever work off their fat.


road trip

Going to be taking another road trip tomorrow morning (3am) will be gone until Saturday night.


Got around to putting some classical music on the iPod. Almost out of space!


Casual dining

Today I ate lunch in a "casual dining" place, a nationally recognized chain restaurant. I always wonder why the host/hostess sometimes think its acceptable to make a 5 person seating arrangement out of a 4 person table. They like to do this a lot and it is highly unacceptable to me. I was eating there by myself but the adjacent table had 5 people seated and the table was only built for 4. Cause the stupid hostess had placed a chair on one end and thought it would be OK. The people thought it was ok, but you could sense that secretly, they loathed it.


Fuck the Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas had originally tried to be the "Anti-pop" but have turned around and become pop. They even have a stupid ass commercial from Best Buy where some dumbass guy seems overjoyed that he can control the black eyed peas "At the touch of a button." As if the concept of listening to pre recorded music in an at home format was brand new. I really wasn't able to control Public Enemy back in 1988 at the touch of a button using my walkman. No It was all just a dream.

Fuck them. I don't see what all the hype is about.

pisses me off

Paul my old boss said he would finish my recommendation letter before yesterday. Still haven't gotten it done. I sure hope its a good one when they finally get it done. The job closes on Friday. Now I am going to have to email the stuff as well as mail hard copies with a letter asking sympathy and explanation. "I am terribly sorry but procuring the reference letters from my former supervisor proved difficult and I was unable to do so until 2 June. I could have sent in my resume with 2 letters but felt this would have been incomplete and unacceptable. Please accept my most sincere apologies."

Something to that effect.


Newest screenshot


I have given up RF Transmissions

I used to use an RF transmitter as my in car solution for the iPod. I first dropped $30 for an irock

Yet this thing, in Boston, sucked. It only had 4 frequencies to choose from (88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7) and in Boston ALL of those frequencies are used by either college radio or NPR. So I bought the next best thing. A Belkin TuneCast II ($30) with selectable frequencies. But this thing didn't come with an car adapter so its only power came from batteries making the signal weak as hell. That weak ass shit wasn't even strong enough to break through weaker spots on the dial like 89.5 coming out of New Hampshire. I search the dial and EVERY frequency is used up in Boston. From 87.7 to 107.9 Every single one. I since move here to Nashville and try the stations down here. The same thing. Although some are very weak, the TuneCast II is not strong enough even using the recently bought Belkin F8V7067APL power cord ($20) for it. I am able to use this for power to the iPod (rock on!) But my audio sucks. So we fast forward to Saturday 28 May. I buy a Belkin tape adapter ($20) and it works beautifully. Now I have a means of power to the iPod and also a good sound for my car. Now I have 2 useless pieces of crap that served me well, but I think would only benefit people who live in Bumville, Arkansas or whatever. But when you think about it, I recently tried to use these products in a road trip from Texas back here. They would work beautifully through rural areas ... Until you get some guy on the radio (Usually at 88.5) screaming in my ear about how I am going to burn in hell and how he can better heal people for a small donation. (the bible belt cracks me up) So anyway I am trying to sell both the irock (which worked better but had less choices) AND trying to sell the Tunecast II Both have served me well, and am willing to offer a special deal.


Star Wars

Just came back from seeing it. Excellent film. It ties in all of the other Star Wars films -the final piece of the puzzle.

Tomorrow is memorial day as well. I hate what Memorial day has become. Just another day off from work. Another day for crappy rusted redneck Indianapolis 500 and shitty burgers on the grill. The "official start of summer" the official start to good times, fun times.
Fuck that. Fucking assholes make me sick.
The real purpose of memorial day. Some people need to fucking wake up.


Nothing but memories

I took a drive today over to Fort Campbell. In the past, when I was stationed there it was a simple process to get on if you were visiting. Just give the guy your Driving licence and presto he gives you a 1 day pass. Now they upped security bigtime. Anyway I was able to get on, and drive around a little. The place looked abandoned. Maybe because it was a saturday, or probably because they were deployed. I drove around everywhere except the airfield cause they of course had added security. Nothing or no one there but memories. It was about 5 years ago when I drove off Ft. Campbell for the last time. I was signing out of Terminal leave I was there to eat a lunch with some friends at a Chinese place that is no longer in business. They presented me with a coinbox to house my Air Assault Coin that I still have. I imagine they are deployed now.

I passed by the railhead that no doubt took many vehicles and equipment for their overseas trip to Iraq. The road (Mabry Rd) was the same road that Thomas Allison was caught speeding on the way to SOATC. This is the same guy I had to sit next to in training and administer an IV in Combat lifesaver course. He in turn had to give me an IV. He really got "smoked" as we used to say. SGT Mosquito laid into him for speeding.

"Who drives a blue and grey truck?!" he said.
"I do" said Allison.
"Drop!" said SGT Mosquito.

I drove up "Bitch hill" (California Rd) the hill that will "make a bitch out of you". I struggled many times on this road. Up this hill. Many blisters. After a badly sprained ankle -walking up the hill as the finish of the 8 mile road march with 70lbs of gear. I had sprained my ankle the previous day.

I got out and looked for the log that we set in concrete with all of our names on it from class 07-99. The log was gone as was "Talladega" a muddy little circle with low points perfect for adding water via a hose and perfect for SOAR wannabees like myself to crawl in. But the chin up bar was there. The obstacle course was there, as well.

I drove back on Mabry Rd. Saw the small paved path that was used in Air Assault School for the 12 mile road march.
That part was about mile 10 if I remember. I drove past the air assault school still the same as I remember it. It was newly built when I had to go through it.

Ft. Campbell though abandoned, had many newly built buildings. Buildings, that as a single soldier, they constantly promised us would be barracks. Nice barracks - similar to apartments. I got out and left barracks that were made before the Vietnam war. I drove past these barracks that still had some poor garrison soldiers walking around. They were not of my old unit. So the old promise of new barracks for my old unit must have come true at some point.

A bit of a sad day seeing buildings named after people. Like the CPT Mark so and so finance building. Or the SFC Gary so and so dental facility. These men must have lost their lives probably recently.

For a minute the year was 1999 and I was back there getting my ass kicked in the 4 mile timed run. Memories that I hadn't thought of in years had come back. Passing by the many places on Route 41A. Po' boys tires. I was once strapped for cash (like a majority of soldiers) and my supervisor suggested me to go to "Po' boys" and get some tires to pass the monthly vehicle inspection. (an army thing) I never went though. I rather spent the $20 more and bought Wal Mart Tires instead of Po' boys maypops.

Pistol Pete's Pawn shop was closed down. I remember this was the place I bought some replacement Gore Tex gloves for CIF turn in upon ETS'ing. Since I had lost them. The asshole who worked there tried to get me to buy a cheap ass knife for $5 and I told him it wasn't worth $5. So he ended up giving it to me for $2. I still have this knife in my glovebox. (since transferred from my old car). I ended up finding my gore tex gloves later and now use them in cold weather.

The "Williams" gas station, truck stop and restaurant had since changed into a "Pilot" gas station with wendy's. It seems everything has changed. When walking back to my car I saw the USA Today and its front page headline about Iraq, the insurgency, and a number of troops needed etc. One picture had some troops in an ambulance Hummer. Another picture had a smirking George Bush on the side. I didn't pay attention to what it said about Bush. The evening sun was warm on my face and there was a nice breeze going. I went back to the car. Got in and drove home. Nothing here but memories. No friends. No good times like it used to be. Nothing.

Who said they had the worst drivers again?

I have heard from so many people on message boards and face to face that their state had the worst drivers. Well GMAC insurance came out with a test recently and I think you will find the results interesting (props to Emphasize).

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - When faced with a written test, similar to ones given to beginning drivers applying for licenses, one in ten drivers couldn't get a passing score, according to a study commissioned by GMAC Insurance.

The GMAC Insurance National Driver's Test found that nearly 20 million Americans, or about 1 in 10 drivers, would fail a state driver's test if they had to take one today. GMAC Insurance is part of General Motors' finance subsidiary, GMAC.

More than 5,000 licensed drivers between the ages of 16 and 65 were administered a 20-question written test designed to measure basic knowledge about traffic laws and safety. They were also surveyed about their general driving habits.

Drivers in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states did worst. Twenty percent of test-takers failed there.


Also of interest the list:

Top 5:

1. Oregon -- 89.4

2. Washington -- 88.4

3. Iowa -- 87.7

4. Idaho -- 87.5

5. Wyoming -- 87.4

Worst 5:

44. Washington, D.C, -- 79.8

44. New York -- 79.8

47. New Jersey -- 78.3

48. Massachusetts -- 77.2

49. Rhode Island -- 77.0

The whole list found here

So I am not doubting that Colorado or Ohio or Illinois or Atlanta had bad drivers, but the test couldn't be more telling.


'ello 'ello :)

on the agenda today

on the agenda yesterday:

clean house
get food at store
go to post office

On the agenda today:
Be sore (from working out)
go to bank
get oil changed (synthetic -of course)
get car washed
get haircut
get lunch at subway
call bellsouth (fuckers) and sort out bill...

...And here I sit maybe I will watch TV. Only waiting for reference letters so I can submit them along with CV for a new job (keeps fingers crossed) Paul says he won't be able to get it until Tuesday. So until then, its TV. And I might go out for a walk later since the sun is out.



Starting her young :)