New Job

New job starts on Monday. Will be working here in town for a week and then its off to Florida. I am unsure if I will have internet access during this time. But I hope I do. If I do I will continue to post but if not, well then you will know why I don't post. Will find out the answers next week. Going to have the dog groomed. Will see how that goes as his little patella has been giving him problems lately. Also need to get his shots soon.

the Massachusetts registry of motor vehicles requires that I return my licence plates to them. So this whole troubling process of changing over licence plates is getting to be a pain. I also got my new Tennessee Driving license. The photo is so bullshit its not even funny. They were still using 1995 technology cameras and its utter shite. Anyway I got a new Registration a new insurance and a new license and everything is legal. And it felt sad surrendering my MA DL which I paid $75 for to get a TN DL which I paid $19.50 for. The photo on my MADL was at least good. They fattified my photo on the TNDL.


Cool ass hacks and mods

Saw this on Slashdot. Check this out. A PC installed into a Whisky Bottle! (the photos etc continue at the bottom of the page)


1. Tale From The Sea (Breakin' - BRK005)
2. Bad Karma (forthcoming soon Vibe'z)
3. Tribes - remix (Warm Communications - WARMLTD001)
4. Footsteps Concealed (forthcoming on Warm Communications)
5. Orient Dawn (forthcoming on Vibe'z)
6. Defunct Drums' Depression Decade - VIP (forthcoming on Offshore Recordings)
7. Jason - (forthcoming on Thermal)
8. Jungle Got No Ranks (forthcoming on Make-Shift Recs.)
9. Leave The Natural World Behind (forthcoming on Vibe'z)
10. World Behind A World (forthcoming on Soothsayer Recs.)
11. The Circle of Sycamore Trees (forthcoming on Warm Communications)
12. From Afterlife She Speaks (forthcoming on Nerve Recs.)
13. Toshiro - (forthcoming on Darkestral)

OK I heard the Hangover mix, and its good, but I like the All Fanu Mix Part 2 best.


Situation - no improvement

Asshole neighbor is home. Note, his stupid ass truck.

Poor damn dog is stuck outside in the snow. Though barking and howling has gotten to be less of a problem. It still happens -like 0600 this morning.

Hangover Mix


Found this on the fanusamurai site. Havent heard it yet, but then again, my iPod is filled to capacity. I have to constantly delete podcasts more than a day old. Will make room for a listen.



Newest Avatar / Alaska Pictures

This is the full image. I took it back in July 1997 when I visited Seward, Alaska. At Exit Glacier there is a hiking trail where you can hike up and view the Harding icefield. I took this when we started to run into some snow. It was a beautiful day. The sun made the air temp to be about 70 degrees F and there was still a couple of feet of snow on the ground. As we neared the top there was probably more snow than just a couple of feet but I had no way of knowing.

Photo #2 then (not an avatar but maybe I'll make it one later) you can see Exit glacier down near the bottom. This is the same glacier that I have a picture of me touching down the page a bit (I think it was a post in Januari)

This was taken in July 1996 on the Dalton Highway driving north. This patch of fireweed was just before crossing the Yukon River Bridge. There was a forest fire before you can tell due to the black trees and black dead open field. This fireweed grew up in its place and it was very beautiful. I don't know where else fireweed grows besides the arctic but it is lovely.

I don't remember if I posted this one or not. Its of me on that same trip up the Dalton Highway. The time in the photo was about 11.30 pm (I was a skinny bastard eh?)

Farmer's Loop just outside Fairbanks. Wanted a photo of the Moose sign. I had seen many moose on this road before -this one and the Steese Highway.

Again I don't know if I already posted this one or not, but it was taken on 6th, Sept 1997. Driving down to Skagway for the Klondike Road relay race of 171km (?-forgot) but I thought it was really cool how the trees were cut to form a line on the border. (US/Canada, Alaska/Yukon) My right foot is in the YT and my left foot is in Alaska

I think this was when we stopped in Destruction Bay, YT. Stay tuned to the blog, I will post loads more. I still have a big box of the pictures I need to scan into the PC. So I'll try to do that sometime. Enjoy.


Alone at the weekend

Well the wife is gone to Memphis, until tomorrow sometime. Daniella went to stay the night with family. So its just me and the dog. It snowed last night a light dusting. If this had been a school day they probably would have closed school here (the wussies!) No superbowl parties to attend this year. It might just be some down time (chill) with my iPod and also watching some DVDs