Coda, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

This is Dakota. Daniella for the longest time would tell us about "Coda". This is the dog of an acquaintance. (on Thanksgiving)

Christmas is fast approaching

Tree, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

The tree has been put up for a week, only to show to my dad for his visit. But outside of America, most other countries put up Christmas trees prior to the American Thanksgiving.

Of course, myself being a free thinking secularist, I do not object to a tree in the house or the giving of gifts. I was raised in the tradition of Christmas.


Pacific Coast Hellway

I have been a listener now since Jan 2006. The show is very funny, sometimes in poor taste but all the time very enjoyable. Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff has such a creative mind he produces the most entertaining shows and audio books.

Go Daddy Have sponsored his show and are offering Promo codes, for discounts on Domain names.

They can be found HERE.



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Found on the atheism group at Flickr.