Don't fuck with God

Don't believe me?

The actual verses from the King James Version (1604-1611)

2 Kings 2:23 And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head.
2 Kings 2:24 And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.

The point:

Neo C180

I was stumbling and I came across this. (not directly) actually this was the stumble page.

I think the keychain phones were cool but this one (the C180) takes the cake in my opinion.


This we believe is no longer a phone but more of a sculpture. And that is how we will make sure it remains by the time we are done with fitting it with every single feature a phone should have. With its high gloss finish and hidden screen + camera, it will hardly look like a phone when sitting on your desk . The phone will feature WiFi, Bluetooth, Quad band, Windows Smart Phone software and much more.

I have been aware of the technology gap between countries. Europe and Japan have always been way far ahead of the crappy sub standard US. This phone (and provider) only confirms that.

The British get Neo and we get Verizon Wireless.

I wish I could have this phone.


Damn Anti-Piracy

Damn Anti-Piracy, originally uploaded by Michael Heilemann.

Excellent point!

Awesome graphic. Thanks to Michael Heilemann.


Natural Selection

Evolution and Natural selection - before our eyes. This moth has adapted and through natural selection, bred into being as a hummingbird.


Washington, DC on $85 a Day

Washington, DC on $85 a Day, originally uploaded by Musely.

Go over and check out Musely and the very cool idea. I found this via Stumble Upon


Stumble Upon find

I was looking around for links to Denver Airport's Supposed Swastika runways, and found where someone had posted photos of the murals in Denver Airport. There was one a poem, very heartbreaking.

I was once a little child
who longed for other worlds.
But I am no more a child
for I have known fear,
I have learned to hate...
How tragic, then is youth
which lives with enemies,
with gallows ropes.
Yet, I still believe
I only sleep today,
that I'll wake up,
a child again, and
start to laugh
and play.

Below it gives a name which I can't make out, but it says it is authored by a 14-year old who died in 1943 in the death camp at Auschwitz.

If anyone knows the name of the author I would appreciate a comment.

John Lennon is my hero

imaginenoreligion, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

From "The God Delusion"

"If God is omniscient, he must already know how he is going to intervene to change the course of history using his omnipotence. But that means he can't change his mind about his intervention, which means he is not omnipotent."


Trillion with a T

War, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

No health care for kids, that kind of stuff gets vetoed.

No funding for federal highways

No funding for bridges and construction.

No we have to pay for a useless war. Its more than what they say. Look at the hidden costs


Back home tonight

After a long day I am ready for a relaxing weekend. I am just going to post some photos from today:

Whispy Clouds
Whispy Clouds

The long and winding road
The Long and Winding Road (damn my iPod is broken I can't just bring that song up when I want to)

Rock cliff
Fantastic geology
I was on site and heard a jet I already had my 55-200 lens on to take a photo of the bird, so I swung around and quickly focused and snap! caught him. You can look at the original flickr photo on flickr (linked) and look at original size to see more detail.
This bird was hanging on the side of the tree like a woodpecker. I went to get my camera and then he moved, and I couldnt get a good photo of him.
Among all this natural beauty, the view gets completely ruined and spoiled by:
Shit like this

Back in Nashville:






Before my first post this morning, I was on site. The site was in the median and it had been pissing it down with rain.
Soggy and Foggy
I had to park as close as possible next to the roadway surface, and yet still be safe. And also park in a place, where the truck wont get stuck as it is a weak rear wheel drive.
In other words, I parked here: (bear in mind that and other semi trucks are blazing past at 70-80mph)


So I wouldn't get stuck in this:


After I left the hotel, I drove up to Byrdstown. The clouds cleared a bit.

Blue Skies


I found that some rednecks got a lot of joy out of shooting a sign.

Bullet Hole


Checked out the bridge.



Saw some really cool slate.


Now in the hotel room.


In the background is some lame-assed show called well, I dont know what its called but it is on Speed TV and it pretty much has a shitload of cars and girls and tits and ass. In a channel lineup filled with the most mindless shit ever.

I really haven't been paying attention to it, but I did see the part where they were talking to a girl called Meyli Yu. This bizzatch apparently drives a BMW M3 -and I don't doubt for a second that she paid for the car with her own money. But its kind of sad that she has achieved more with her tits and ass than most people in the country have with real hard work.

I have been doing some work, and will go to bed soon. I actually have to wait here in the hotel again tomorrow for another package from Colorado. So I think now is a suitable bedtime.

Rain that we need.

Its been a particularly hard week, starting off with the death of the iPod (again there is one more thing I need to try - the proverbial nuclear bomb - removing and re-installing iTunes).

We have been getting pounded with rain but all the time this is happening I am remembering what a hot and dry summer we had, and this water is going back into the reservoirs and lakes.

Last night I stayed in Cookeville, and tonight is uncertain, but I do know tonight is the last night away as I will be coming back home on Friday.

I still have about 350 snaps available on my 2GB card and when I get a chance (probably this weekend I will import them to my PC at home and burn backups of them onto CDs.

The no iPod thing really has a big impact. From the old adage "you don't know what you got till its gone" is ever true. What I have been doing is getting my podcasts and placing them on their own playlist (well I have been doing that before) but I burn them onto a CDRW as data and I dug up the old Sony Walkman CD player that reads mp3 data as audio. So I still get my new shows. The scroll feature is the most important thing though. Also if I am driving along, and all of a sudden want to listen to "Help" from the Beatles I can't do it. Also all my purchased music (protected AAC) and a whole shitload of my other music that I have imported (as AAC) along with my audiobooks (even ones bought from audible that are in an audible format) cannot be burned to a cd, -well they can but I have no way of listening to it cause they are not mp3s.

kind of a pain in the ass. But I have unearthed a lot of old mp3 cds I burned back from 2003 (pre-iPod) a lot of which has since left my computer's hard drive.

Now I am sitting in the Hotel's breakfast area waiting for the tech to finish at Monterrey and then we will make our way to Byrdstown.

Will blog later tonight.



made, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

My lodgings for tonight.

road trip

road trip, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Yet another road trip...

The cross

The cross, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Left the house at 5 A.M. this morning and it was pissing it down with rain. I saw this and thought it would be a great addition to the bible belt collection.

The final day

The final day, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

I normally don't listen to the iPod on the weekends. I just happen to pick it up on Sunday and there was an icon with the website


This was the icon on the display. I then read the website and t says I have to reset the ipod, well, I did so and now the ipod is cleaned off -0 files. And the computer will no longer recognize the ipod. After 3 years of faithful service, the iPod may have finally bitten the dust.

There is still one more thing I have to try -and thats to deinstall iTunes and then re install it, killing all my playlists and everything. Major pain in the ass.

SO for now, I am copying my daily shows to a cd and listening to them that way. it sucks I cant listen to any audiobooks or any music.


Work, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Busy with work, and this week is a travel week.

Not much else to say except that -the only time I can sit on here and blog, I should be sleeping cause I have to get up in 4.5 hours.

Not freaking fair.


Flash Video - The Story of Stuff

This needs to be broadcast as far and wide as possible. If you are an environmental skeptic, at least get through the whole film (20 minutes).


Public Schooling

Kellie Pickler apparently was allowed to graduate high school in North Carolina according to her wiki entry.

I just got done watching a video that made me cringe, (according to the wiki entry its a you tube hit) Absolutely disastrous. What does this say about education in America?

The video link (from Hungary)

thanks to Al.


eternity, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Fear mongering from our evangelical pals. Why not visit the Bible Belt group for some more fun?


I24WB@SR2, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

What I have been doing lately. Sitting on the side of the road.


I440@I65, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Tried to take some good night shots.

HUGE ass cross

HUGE ass cross, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

And of course no road trip would be complete in TN without the sighting of a HUGE ass cross!


Gazebo, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Great shot of a Gazebo at Opryland

Christmas time

Christmas time, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

This one wasn't as big as it usually is. Oddly enough there was some lame ass company get together or conference or whatever, where you had some asshole boss or big wig barking orders at people to "come on get over here!" on the staircase immediately to the right for a group photo.


Pissed!, originally uploaded by Chris1051.


I am sure these people were plenty pissed, but the lane closures were approved by the Commissioner, get over it.

I took this with a 55-200 at 200mm if you look at the original size you can see pretty far. Waves of distortion in the far distance.


ORION, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Lots of new photos up



Coda, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

This is Dakota. Daniella for the longest time would tell us about "Coda". This is the dog of an acquaintance. (on Thanksgiving)

Christmas is fast approaching

Tree, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

The tree has been put up for a week, only to show to my dad for his visit. But outside of America, most other countries put up Christmas trees prior to the American Thanksgiving.

Of course, myself being a free thinking secularist, I do not object to a tree in the house or the giving of gifts. I was raised in the tradition of Christmas.


Pacific Coast Hellway

I have been a listener now since Jan 2006. The show is very funny, sometimes in poor taste but all the time very enjoyable. Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff has such a creative mind he produces the most entertaining shows and audio books.

Go Daddy Have sponsored his show and are offering Promo codes, for discounts on Domain names.

They can be found HERE.



women, originally uploaded by Durandal-2079.

Found on the atheism group at Flickr.




Must...Be...Quiet, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

New photos added to flickr.


Incredible Christians & the death of Twitter

Mean Christians, originally uploaded by Jacob Krejci.

As seen on my bible belt group on flickr.

This is in Gatlinburg, TN. I started this group to document these sorts of in-your-face preaching that is prevalent here in the south.

I haven't blogged lately because I have been incredibly busy with my new job, and also, no laptop to be had, (hence the flickr blogpost)

I also wanted to blog about the death of Twitter. Well, twitter is alive and strong, but I can no longer contribute, as my new cell phone from work has had text messaging disabled. was it Cinderella or Motley Crue who had the song "You don't know what you've got 'till its gone"?

Anyway, It was a non-essential segment to my every day life, that I miss dearly. -Twitter and the ability to text my wife.

Not a very big deal, but adjusting is, just plain weird.

First disposable income purchase: Macbook


This DJ

Headphones, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Friday is my last day, I have to return the company vehicle and the printer. And then worry about how I am going to get a ride home.

Next Tuesday is a new job. I feel bad of course for leaving but people do this every day.

I have so much I have to do - hence, the twitter-esque feel of my recent blog posts.

Things will cool off soon hopefully.