Gun Nuts

On one of my message boards there was a link to a pretty disturbing video out of Oklahoma. I have got no beefs with gun nuts -some are a bit kooky so you have to watch out for that, but in general they don't pose a problem. I did have a problem seeing a big fat mofo as one of them. And I know I am jumping ahead of myself here cause I don't know a thing about this man, but, the stereotypical neocon war hawks who always claim their freedoms are being taken away are usually uneducated fat ass mofos in the south and the midwest from what I have seen. And its usually those asshats who would be the last guys to step up and join the army. That doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of vets out there who are not fat ass mofos and who at the same time are indeed gun nuts. Lets leave them out of this discussion. Its the fat ass Rush Limbaugh types that kind of get to me. video here



Thanksgiving meal was plentiful. Spent the day job hunting. Started pissing it down with rain so I came home.

Now hungry. May order a pizza while listening to podcasts.

Came across a funny website. You post your own messages and they are relayed to an LED sign in Calgary, AB, Canada that can be viewed via webcam.

Funny stuff.


Shit Happens

I had reduced myself to work in a plant. It wasn't actually on the assembly line, so it could have been worse. It was working in an office so that wasn't really bad. I had reduced myself to working through a temp agency. I had reduced myself to accepting a huge pay cut just to pay the bills. So I am working through this temp agency and each night I would have to ask the security guard to clock me out using one of those old-fashioned time card things (one that I hadn't seen since 1993). I tell the man my number. "Hey I'm number 4" No names just numbers. I had gotten the overall feeling that this company had treated temps as nothing more than a pair of hands, nothing more than a number. Not like they were actual human beings. I catch glimpse of a yellow post-it note attached to my timecard. It says:

What could it be? I thought standing there. Here it was 6 30 pm I had just put in a full day and a full week. Echoes of "Office Space" could be heard in my head.

"We find its always best to fire someone on a Friday..."

Well there was a moment of fear there. But half of me said not to worry, I hadn't done anything wrong, and I should just enjoy my weekend.

And I did. I saw two movies, and just relaxed very nicely.

So now 7 30 am comes around and I am "reporting" if you will, to the temp agency. I can already tell what the woman is going to say to me by reading her body language. And you already know what she told me as well.

Anyway I am pissed off right now. I am pissed off at this economy and I am pissed off at this job market. I am an educated person. I have technical skills. These companies try and boast that their shit is "Made in the USA" but the harsh realities of it are these companies don't give a shit about their workers. And they try and skimp out on everything to make their profits higher for themselves. They wipe their asses with temp workers like the toilet paper that they are so they can skimp out on healthcare and benefits costs. The cunts.

I have been trying for the past 8 months to find something permanent and something direct. The temp service was used only as a last resort. I am bitter. This strengthens my hatred for fatcat CEOs and "the man". This country is fucked up. This is only one out of many other things that prove this.


thing that I hate #22

When in a restaurant, you get a baked potato, and they feel the need to use a fecking Ice cream scooper to apply butter in the split baked potato.

Who the fuck needs that much freaking butter? No wonder Heart Disease is the #1 killer in America.

Listen to this podcast

I know I may have already posted this, but one of my podcasts (Coolshite) spoke of a scary future in America. It reminded me of this podcast. You must listen to it. It is a great story.

Anyway, if things go wrong tomorrow (the unknown road ahead) I will be bitching and complaining very loudly here tomorrow.



Google Images search

Saw this on another blog so I'll play along.

Town I grew up in

Town I live in now

My name

My grandmothers name

Favorite Food

Favorite Drink

Favorite song

Favorite smell

This Summer's photos

Before & After. (I appear a fat Bastard)

Dumb people

I used to run a series of posts titled "Some people do not deserve to live" well there are some people out there that do not deserve a brain.

ABC Video

I really feel sorry for the girl. Some people are so ignorant though. And that Manager definitely has a few brain cells missing. And WTF was that guy thinking? He must have thought he was getting lucky. A big thanks to Big Brother for catching the weird dude.

Found this originally on Coolshite forums. I remember hearing on WRKO about the Wendy's incidents.

New Fanu mix

Well New to me anyway. Hurry up and grab this one cause it may not last.

mp3 128kbps

Bush/Clinton Katrina Fund

In honor of the unleashing of Google Ads onto this blog. (not many people look at it anyway) I will write a post regarding the first ad I saw after republishing. It is a link to the Bush/Clinton Kartina Fund. I think its great that both guys can come together in order to help people in need. I liked the fact that they did so after the Devastating Tsunami of 26 Dec 2004. And I am so glad they came together for this Hurricane Katrina disaster.

So many disasters this year. They had an earthquake in Pakistan which received little or no (slow) aid. More people perished in that horrible accident. Most Americans are oblivious to this event and how many people did die. Almost a disbelief of the reported numbers.

Anyway that's my post about it.



Word verification that is. Man how could I have not seen this?

No more spambot problems should arise now in comments. :)

On to blogging

Well I havent reported that we have moved, (1 OCT) and also I got a new job. The job is ok, not in anyway related to my skills. But anyway its a job and it pays the bills. I work in an auto manufacturing plant not in assembly, but with the Production Control dept. I work as a temp which is annoying cause there is no health coverage. It pays very meagerly as well. But anyway its just something for now.

Halloween came and went and we had about 300 kids coming by in our new neighborhood. I can't believe it. I saw lods of parents driving around in cars etc. It kind of pissed me off cause these people werent even from this neighborhood, but We were going to give out the candy anyway. We were out by 7pm or so. We took Daniella out to family. Drove her to 3 different places. Which is a bit odd in my opinion. My oldest memories of Halloween is of me walking around the neighborhood in which we lived. Its not an odd concept. I mean, why are there about 300 kids we don't know knocking on our door? I remember hospitals offering to x ray candy and fruit, cause there was some sick fuck putting razor blades etc in apples. (1982)

Anyway, the weather has finally gotten cooler here and I am glad for it. I hate hearing people around here bitch and moan about how cold it is (40º F) please! Last year they got 1cm of snow here. Whereas in Boston last winter we got about 60 inches. Right now, at 0933 its 71º F! Nice and it will save on the power bill. I love the winters here but I hate the summers.

I don't really have time to update this often. I leave for work at 0730 and don't get home until 1700. Then its evening dinner time, family time etc. Until Daniella goes to sleep. And then I am trying to listen to my podcasts. But I am taking my iPod to work now. Keeping it with me at all times in my pocket. I can listen to it in the office, but not out on the floor. I believe I am all caught up now. Sunday Night Safran is not on now until 2006. Its just Adam Curry cause his a daily show.

Thats about it really.


well I re enabled anonymous comments. Apparently this prick has a blog himself. Its an advertising blog and I reported it to blogger.

Have a nice fucking day you prick.


Last resort

Had to disable anonymous comments. Those spam fuckers kept on hitting my site.

Newest spammer

2005.11.04 1919 EDIT: Found the post where Hotel Nice has posted.


I don't give a fuck about your carpet cleaning

Listen cunts. Whatever robot or program you have running to post comments on my blog, kill it now. I hate getting emails showing a new comment that I can't find.

I got a nice website to give you some ideas of what you are serving on a daily basis.

Quit spamming me you cunts! I am not even in Texas, and Even if I was I wouldn't use your stupid service. So lick my gooch!

Look at this unprofessional website.

Here is the big deal, I am getting a shitload of comments posted on this blog they are all the exact same thing from some ad bot. Example in my inbox:

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I cant find them at all.

Here is a copy of the comment:

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Well Sterling Myers, you can go get fucked. Your website isn't "pretty good" it isn't even good. It sucks ass. Quit spamming me.

2005.11.04 1917 EDIT: Found the post where Sterling Myers is posting his garbage.