road trip

Going to be taking another road trip tomorrow morning (3am) will be gone until Saturday night.


Got around to putting some classical music on the iPod. Almost out of space!


Casual dining

Today I ate lunch in a "casual dining" place, a nationally recognized chain restaurant. I always wonder why the host/hostess sometimes think its acceptable to make a 5 person seating arrangement out of a 4 person table. They like to do this a lot and it is highly unacceptable to me. I was eating there by myself but the adjacent table had 5 people seated and the table was only built for 4. Cause the stupid hostess had placed a chair on one end and thought it would be OK. The people thought it was ok, but you could sense that secretly, they loathed it.


Fuck the Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas had originally tried to be the "Anti-pop" but have turned around and become pop. They even have a stupid ass commercial from Best Buy where some dumbass guy seems overjoyed that he can control the black eyed peas "At the touch of a button." As if the concept of listening to pre recorded music in an at home format was brand new. I really wasn't able to control Public Enemy back in 1988 at the touch of a button using my walkman. No It was all just a dream.

Fuck them. I don't see what all the hype is about.

pisses me off

Paul my old boss said he would finish my recommendation letter before yesterday. Still haven't gotten it done. I sure hope its a good one when they finally get it done. The job closes on Friday. Now I am going to have to email the stuff as well as mail hard copies with a letter asking sympathy and explanation. "I am terribly sorry but procuring the reference letters from my former supervisor proved difficult and I was unable to do so until 2 June. I could have sent in my resume with 2 letters but felt this would have been incomplete and unacceptable. Please accept my most sincere apologies."

Something to that effect.