Turn Back the clock

It is hard to believe it has been son long since they took this photo. (Can you find me?) I weighed about 150 and looked like I was 15. When this photo was taken it was probably about 99 degrees F. I had started Basic Training on 17th June 1994, so I was still fairly fresh into it when they took it. And yet look closely (enlarges to full size upon clicking) I have the biggest of grins on. Those years seem so untouchable. A hazy mist surrounds each and every memory. I don't remember but a few of these guys' names. Some memories are vivid. And some are just completely gone from my mind. I would like to think its the good memories that have stayed. But I never can be sure.
I comb through my music collection to bring me back to those days. Soundgarden's Superunknown album. Morrissey's Vauxhall and I. Veruca Salt's American Thighs album.

Columbia, SC in the summer of 1994. There can never be another time nor place. Only in my mind I suppose. It is fused with Augusta, GA in the fall of 1994 to the spring of 1995. Junction City, KS in the summer of 1995 too.

Le Tour de Tennessee

Typical view driving in the country in TN.

Into the tunnel of green.

The tunnel of green.

An abandoned old barn (Also typical in TN)

A cool rock formation (man made to make the road) TN is full of these.

Open Road. I found out later that I was on the wrong road here and ended up in Kentucky.

I hate this shit.

This is the reason. The Speed limit is 55. At the very least people should be going the speed limit.

Another cool looking rock structure. It was carved out to make an intersection.

Cool looking rock structure.

Traffic Jam 65SB @ exit 98

The Traffic Jam behind

Off the Highway on 31

On I-40WB before Gordonsville

Fog at Gordonsville

the setup :) Very professional setup here :)

Gordonsville weather station at the rest stop.


I keep meaning to do so many things but they never get done. I keep meaning to pay the rest of the phone bill that was my monthly flogging from Bellsouth.net but I keep hitting a few snags. Last night I managed to pay my AMEX bill. But today a typical day goes like:

06:00 Wake up and check email for today's jobs.
07:00 get ready for work
08:20 Leave home to go to the office to see if I need anything for today's jobs cause I didn't get an email response.
10:00 arrive at first job, work through doing other jobs until
18:20 When I make my way home. Hauling some serious ass.
19:50 Arrive home to eat dinner as I am starving (hadn't had but 2 sandwiches and a fruit cup for lunch, 5 hours prior)
20:10 Play with Daniella since I hadn't seen her all day.
22:00 Daniella is off to bed and I head upstairs to start the paperwork for today
00:05 Finally done with paperwork. Now I have to check jobs for tomorrow (well, today (29th Jun)
00:14 Log on to Blogger.com to bitch and complain about my busy day.

The good thing about busy days like this is it makes the week go by so much quicker.


Bad Comfort

As discovered on the cloneshit podcast Bad Comfort is on the Phonocake label and thanks to Creative Commons they can be heard online. I will repost the links here so you can just listen. Have a feel for what I am playing in the iPod lately.

Postplatz EP

melodie denise

Phonocake 01

14 04 03
31 05 02 kinderlied



This was back on the 16th. We were eating breakfast. She was eating a pop tart.

Tour De Tennessee continues

Some Random town East of Carthage.

Take 2



I would try and use an original image but volcs size limitation is quite restrictive (7KB) and no amount of compressing, resizing etc. will help.



Phat Bites

Phat Bites

I found a sweet ass place to eat with free wifi (if you buy something) and great food. It reminds me of those quirky little deli's in Massachusetts that I miss so much. It looks like I am going to be eating here quite often, when I am in the office around lunch time. (its near to the office)

Awesome. Anyone in or near Nashville -I recommend it highly.


Some photos -Tour De Tennessee

I plan on posting regular photos of my daily travels here. Ill snap something that I think is cool to post on. Here is the first series of many more to come.

On I65 going South near Exit 97. Big and strange looking cloud.

On 41A in Oak Grove, KY -just right outside Ft. Campbell. This Cow probably has been a landmark for years. I remember it from when I was living on Ft. Campbell. I tried to take a good photo of it while driving past. It is some kind of steak house - I never ate there.

A house in Guthrie, KY

Really Cool looking building in Guthrie, KY.

Stuck behind a slow-ass truck from Guthrie, KY to Adams, TN and Springfield, TN. I didn't really mind though as I was enjoying the scenery and my iPod in the car.

Japanese Spam?

I wonder if this is some new form of spam as this is the first time I have gotten any spam in Japanese. I have gotten Portuguese Spam and Spanish spam.



Summer now

Jacked another photo for my own personal use. I would credit the photographer but I dont know who it was. Excellent photo though.

Allergies acting up again. Sinus pressure and seasonal allergies. As well as allergies due to dogs/cats. Got to get to a doctor sometime soon and maybe get some allegra.