Crappy TStorms

So much heat in the South makes for so much T Storms - playing havoc with sophisticated electronics everywhere. I have to constantly power down and unplug my PC out of fear of it getting wiped out. (with 18.5GB of music -not written to backup CDs)

18.5 GB is equal to 18,944 MB and 18,944/700 = 27.06 so I can see how burning 28 CDs could take some time....

Dont have a DVDRW otherwise it would take less CDs ..



New Av

Its been so hectic lately. I have been back in TN since 5th May and I am just getting used to working in this new job and its great. But what is hard is money management. We have so many freaking bills its bullshit. But anyway, I am using the above image as my new av I found on Cloneshit.hu Its hilarious. It looks like someone manipulated a sign in a customs or ticketing area somewhere -like a train station.

Its great how I can work from home and also how each day is different. Like tomorrow for example. My morning Appt. Cancelled so I basically just have a 2pm and a 530pm.