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I have given up RF Transmissions

I used to use an RF transmitter as my in car solution for the iPod. I first dropped $30 for an irock

Yet this thing, in Boston, sucked. It only had 4 frequencies to choose from (88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7) and in Boston ALL of those frequencies are used by either college radio or NPR. So I bought the next best thing. A Belkin TuneCast II ($30) with selectable frequencies. But this thing didn't come with an car adapter so its only power came from batteries making the signal weak as hell. That weak ass shit wasn't even strong enough to break through weaker spots on the dial like 89.5 coming out of New Hampshire. I search the dial and EVERY frequency is used up in Boston. From 87.7 to 107.9 Every single one. I since move here to Nashville and try the stations down here. The same thing. Although some are very weak, the TuneCast II is not strong enough even using the recently bought Belkin F8V7067APL power cord ($20) for it. I am able to use this for power to the iPod (rock on!) But my audio sucks. So we fast forward to Saturday 28 May. I buy a Belkin tape adapter ($20) and it works beautifully. Now I have a means of power to the iPod and also a good sound for my car. Now I have 2 useless pieces of crap that served me well, but I think would only benefit people who live in Bumville, Arkansas or whatever. But when you think about it, I recently tried to use these products in a road trip from Texas back here. They would work beautifully through rural areas ... Until you get some guy on the radio (Usually at 88.5) screaming in my ear about how I am going to burn in hell and how he can better heal people for a small donation. (the bible belt cracks me up) So anyway I am trying to sell both the irock (which worked better but had less choices) AND trying to sell the Tunecast II Both have served me well, and am willing to offer a special deal.


Star Wars

Just came back from seeing it. Excellent film. It ties in all of the other Star Wars films -the final piece of the puzzle.

Tomorrow is memorial day as well. I hate what Memorial day has become. Just another day off from work. Another day for crappy rusted redneck Indianapolis 500 and shitty burgers on the grill. The "official start of summer" the official start to good times, fun times.
Fuck that. Fucking assholes make me sick.
The real purpose of memorial day. Some people need to fucking wake up.


Nothing but memories

I took a drive today over to Fort Campbell. In the past, when I was stationed there it was a simple process to get on if you were visiting. Just give the guy your Driving licence and presto he gives you a 1 day pass. Now they upped security bigtime. Anyway I was able to get on, and drive around a little. The place looked abandoned. Maybe because it was a saturday, or probably because they were deployed. I drove around everywhere except the airfield cause they of course had added security. Nothing or no one there but memories. It was about 5 years ago when I drove off Ft. Campbell for the last time. I was signing out of Terminal leave I was there to eat a lunch with some friends at a Chinese place that is no longer in business. They presented me with a coinbox to house my Air Assault Coin that I still have. I imagine they are deployed now.

I passed by the railhead that no doubt took many vehicles and equipment for their overseas trip to Iraq. The road (Mabry Rd) was the same road that Thomas Allison was caught speeding on the way to SOATC. This is the same guy I had to sit next to in training and administer an IV in Combat lifesaver course. He in turn had to give me an IV. He really got "smoked" as we used to say. SGT Mosquito laid into him for speeding.

"Who drives a blue and grey truck?!" he said.
"I do" said Allison.
"Drop!" said SGT Mosquito.

I drove up "Bitch hill" (California Rd) the hill that will "make a bitch out of you". I struggled many times on this road. Up this hill. Many blisters. After a badly sprained ankle -walking up the hill as the finish of the 8 mile road march with 70lbs of gear. I had sprained my ankle the previous day.

I got out and looked for the log that we set in concrete with all of our names on it from class 07-99. The log was gone as was "Talladega" a muddy little circle with low points perfect for adding water via a hose and perfect for SOAR wannabees like myself to crawl in. But the chin up bar was there. The obstacle course was there, as well.

I drove back on Mabry Rd. Saw the small paved path that was used in Air Assault School for the 12 mile road march.
That part was about mile 10 if I remember. I drove past the air assault school still the same as I remember it. It was newly built when I had to go through it.

Ft. Campbell though abandoned, had many newly built buildings. Buildings, that as a single soldier, they constantly promised us would be barracks. Nice barracks - similar to apartments. I got out and left barracks that were made before the Vietnam war. I drove past these barracks that still had some poor garrison soldiers walking around. They were not of my old unit. So the old promise of new barracks for my old unit must have come true at some point.

A bit of a sad day seeing buildings named after people. Like the CPT Mark so and so finance building. Or the SFC Gary so and so dental facility. These men must have lost their lives probably recently.

For a minute the year was 1999 and I was back there getting my ass kicked in the 4 mile timed run. Memories that I hadn't thought of in years had come back. Passing by the many places on Route 41A. Po' boys tires. I was once strapped for cash (like a majority of soldiers) and my supervisor suggested me to go to "Po' boys" and get some tires to pass the monthly vehicle inspection. (an army thing) I never went though. I rather spent the $20 more and bought Wal Mart Tires instead of Po' boys maypops.

Pistol Pete's Pawn shop was closed down. I remember this was the place I bought some replacement Gore Tex gloves for CIF turn in upon ETS'ing. Since I had lost them. The asshole who worked there tried to get me to buy a cheap ass knife for $5 and I told him it wasn't worth $5. So he ended up giving it to me for $2. I still have this knife in my glovebox. (since transferred from my old car). I ended up finding my gore tex gloves later and now use them in cold weather.

The "Williams" gas station, truck stop and restaurant had since changed into a "Pilot" gas station with wendy's. It seems everything has changed. When walking back to my car I saw the USA Today and its front page headline about Iraq, the insurgency, and a number of troops needed etc. One picture had some troops in an ambulance Hummer. Another picture had a smirking George Bush on the side. I didn't pay attention to what it said about Bush. The evening sun was warm on my face and there was a nice breeze going. I went back to the car. Got in and drove home. Nothing here but memories. No friends. No good times like it used to be. Nothing.

Who said they had the worst drivers again?

I have heard from so many people on message boards and face to face that their state had the worst drivers. Well GMAC insurance came out with a test recently and I think you will find the results interesting (props to Emphasize).

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - When faced with a written test, similar to ones given to beginning drivers applying for licenses, one in ten drivers couldn't get a passing score, according to a study commissioned by GMAC Insurance.

The GMAC Insurance National Driver's Test found that nearly 20 million Americans, or about 1 in 10 drivers, would fail a state driver's test if they had to take one today. GMAC Insurance is part of General Motors' finance subsidiary, GMAC.

More than 5,000 licensed drivers between the ages of 16 and 65 were administered a 20-question written test designed to measure basic knowledge about traffic laws and safety. They were also surveyed about their general driving habits.

Drivers in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states did worst. Twenty percent of test-takers failed there.


Also of interest the list:

Top 5:

1. Oregon -- 89.4

2. Washington -- 88.4

3. Iowa -- 87.7

4. Idaho -- 87.5

5. Wyoming -- 87.4

Worst 5:

44. Washington, D.C, -- 79.8

44. New York -- 79.8

47. New Jersey -- 78.3

48. Massachusetts -- 77.2

49. Rhode Island -- 77.0

The whole list found here

So I am not doubting that Colorado or Ohio or Illinois or Atlanta had bad drivers, but the test couldn't be more telling.


'ello 'ello :)

on the agenda today

on the agenda yesterday:

clean house
get food at store
go to post office

On the agenda today:
Be sore (from working out)
go to bank
get oil changed (synthetic -of course)
get car washed
get haircut
get lunch at subway
call bellsouth (fuckers) and sort out bill...

...And here I sit maybe I will watch TV. Only waiting for reference letters so I can submit them along with CV for a new job (keeps fingers crossed) Paul says he won't be able to get it until Tuesday. So until then, its TV. And I might go out for a walk later since the sun is out.



Starting her young :)


Daniellas first time on a swing

At "Southfork Ranch"

I was told that the tall building is the one they showed in the show "Dallas"

The 6th floor window.

They must have not changed this sign or post since it appears as it was back in 1963.


The "Grassy Knoll"


Daniella on the hottest day yet in Dallas. It got to 97 that day. Poor thing.

Fear Factor

I had a box of life cereal I tested it noticed that it was not stale, so not having any milk that is good, I started eating it right out of the box. Now when I was doing this, I didnt look into the box, just went in and pulled them out. Noticed an ant on my hand. killed him. Noticed another ant on the box, killed him. Then I put 2 and 2 together. Pulled out the bag and holy shit! Loads of ants inside probably eating the sugar in the life cereal. I threw the box away and now that I think about it I probably ate a few of the fuckers. Talk about fear factor.


update 24m

Its been a while. And I don't even really care about no one looking at my site. I have spent the last 2.5 weeks in Texas and will go back on the 8th. I think maybe I should start a new direction with this blog. Since March it has sucked hardcore. I still get lurkers from the fighting that went on or about 20 FEB 2005. This is fine. I just wish I had more to offer. Not working makes it a bit boring. So I may appear a loser. This is partly true.

Just got a new HD for my pc (80GB) and am now in the process of filling up my iPod. ALL the music goes on. Currently have 2372 songs and growing. 9.5 days of music.

that's about it really. That and paying my effing bills. If that isn't exciting enough. Job prospects are looking up will see how it goes. Currently looking to get reference letters from my old boss Paul. So back in Nashville for now.


holy crap

holy crap I have got to update this thing more often.

Currently sitting in a hotel in Texarkana, TX on my way to Waco. Will be staying in Waco for the next 2 weeks and internet access will be spotty.

CMT on the TV now, Martina McBride and Pat Benetar singing something. I would change it but I have no idea what channel is what so...

Not looking forward to driving with the dumb ass truck driving asshats tomorrow.

Oh yeah and Arkansas sucks. But now I only have to visit Hawaii, Louisana, Mississippi and North Dakota in order to have been to all 50 states. Been to Arkansas now (oh joy that it was to drive through it)