Our little Daniella. Dressed up like a Muslim :)

Created a new blog

Just an FYI I started a new blog that is just in the experimental stage right now. Enjoy.


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Could be more BS

Wendy's offers $100,000 reward in chili incident - Food - Food & Beverages - Company Announcements

Again with the "finding vile shit in a fast food meal" tactic. I take the story with a grain of salt. I am reminded of the movie "Striptease" when Ving Rhames' character carefully inserts a very large cockroach into a serving of yogurt in hopes of a fat paycheck.



I haven't updated here at all because things are pretty boring here. I guess I could comment on current events. I just haven't gotten around to it.

I should do so though. No one comes back to a blog that isnt updated.


Need a new HD

I only have 1.7GB of space left on my HD. The thing is old and only can hold about 18GB on it in the first place. Wondering where I should buy a HD -from Dell? if I call them I know they are going to try and sell me something I don't need like a 500GB HD... I do need to order ink from them though. If I go to Comp USA I should just tell them that All I need is a 40GB. Maybe I should go to Ebay or online somewhere. I just need more room for my Music and maybe more room for some games but I don't really have time for games recently.

Nothing else to really write about. I installed the Air-cons yesterday. Raining today.