Happy Halloween

haven't posted in a while. Came home early (Friday night) and had a restful weekend even though it didn't seem like enough rest. Tomorrow I have lots to do for work back in the office and it is also one of my 2 x days where I go report for my second job at 6pm. (M-W-F) for 5 hours of work. Coffee is going to be a good friend of mine I can tell.

Took some nice pictures of the fall leaf colors. Will upload these and the Tennessee photos later.


Mixed Feelings

I wish I was home! So I am sad, but I will be elated if the Red Sox win tonight. It is getting very near the end and it will be an amazing feat if they pull it off. 8 Straight wins and a SWEEP! Like Yogi Berra said though, "It ain't over till its over" but ITS ALMOST OVER!

I can't even relate what happened today except that it was a long day and I am now staying in Clinton, TN using the hotel's Ehternet connection. Watching the game and its the bottom of the 8th BOS 3 STL 0


Eastern TN

Currently in a hotel in Erwin, TN. Today was productive. Breakfast was included in my rate last night so I tried the eggs, bacon, sausage. They were not great. I had cereal and it was very good. I skipped lunch and made my way through Knoxville, Sevierville. Ate a cheap dinner at a place called "Cracker Barrel". The food is good there but they don't serve alcohol. I had another friendly and nice waitstaff again. Attentive, filling my glass and very friendly. I decided to drive all the way here tonight. My work is now nearby and I can have an early start. Watching Game 3 Red Sox are up 4-0 its the bottom of the 5th -Truly Amazing. AWESOME plays! I hope we can win this game 3 then we will be only one more game away from winning it all in 86 years.

We shall see.


Day 2 -Nashville to Chattanooga

Breakfast this morning in the hotel in a word, sucked. I opted for the cold breakfast. I just wanted to have some cereal and a yogurt. I started to eat a box of Cheerios and I bit down into some very stale cereal. I went back up and got myself some Rice Crispies -same thing stale as hell. I ate the yogurt. I stood up cause the waitress was AWOL that prompted the egg making guy to go and fetch her. She came and then went back to get the check. She charged me for a hot breakfast and I immediately told her I had the cold breakfast (looking at the table with two uneaten bowls of cereal and an empty yogurt) she said "Well you didn't tell me you had the cold breakfast." in a bitchy whiney ass voice. I thought it was up to her to note which breakfast. Anyway when she came back I told her "Just so you are aware, every box of cereal I tried was stale." She said I am going to get my manager. I couldn't wait any longer so I just left.

Work went ok, I finished at about 7PM. I am now in Cleveland, TN and I ate dinner at a place called "Logan's" which -you go in and you have peanuts in shells on every table. You are encouraged to eat these and throw the shells on the floor. I ordered the 9 oz. sirloin with mashed potatoes. The potatoes were COLD and the steak was overcooked. But I ate it. Everything I like and don't like about the south was in this restaurant tonight. The waiter was a very friendly very responsive guy wearing a confederate flag belt buckle. I like the fact that people are nice. There isn't really a whole lot I dislike about the south and I can't really think of anything now, but I know there are some things I do not like.

Back in the hotel now.  Loading up tomorrow's maps into the GPS. That's about it really.


Now in Nashville

Anyway I got here, I was set to drive away utilizing Hertz Number 1 club Gold in a shite American Chevy Malibu. I asked what else they had, I wanted more room but I also didn't want a shite SUV. I ended up getting a nice Subaru Outback wagon. Perfect! It is so ideal for the amount of stuff I have, the SUV would have worked but the gas mileage is obscene! And also I find them quite offensive. "It's got a HEMI." so they say in the commercials -I keep thinking "Who gives a f***! It also has got some shite gas mileage!"
Anyway. I got the car and got to the hotel at 1530 but I forgot they are one hour behind here so I had to check in very early. They let me though. I took a nap for a little bit and then went for a drive around Nashville. I was driving on Broadway and the turned down some other road (Lafayette?) and all of a sudden I can tell I am in a bad neighborhood. I just drove around though and got myself something to eat quickly. Andy missed his flight so he had to wait until 5 I think before he could leave Denver. I am waiting for him to get here so I can maybe have a dinner in a restaurant and not look like an ass eating by myself.
Currently watching the Red Sox. its 2115 Red Sox are up 2-0 Bottom of the 3rd, 1 out 2 strikes.

Plane Ride

****Plane ride****
Well I didn't take out my PC. For those that don't know Southwest airlines has a "first come first serve" format for seating. So I found a nice seat in the second row in the aisle. There was a girl in her mid twenties sitting in the window seat and her young 8 month old daughter sitting with her. I can understand from someone's point of view that they would want to avoid sitting next to a small baby. But since I had gotten used to Daniella crying and screaming it didn't bother me. So I got a nice seat near the front even though I wasn't in line near the front.
I usually like to plug in my headphones and jam or read a book immerse myself. I was reading my current favorite book "Fast Food Nation" and she (the mother) kept talking to me. I usually don't like to make conversation with people sitting next to me, but for her I made an exception as she had a baby and I was having a chat with her about my Daniella. I am quite friendly but some part of me finds it odd to speak to someone about personal things (she was asking me all sorts like what I did for work etc) and then when you arrive at your destination you just say "take care" etc as if you are their best friend. But on the other hand talking to someone makes the time go by much quicker. She told me about her husband and how he was in the army but got out and is now works for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Dept. A slight coincidence as this guy was in the army and also stationed at Ft. Campbell. But he was there later than I was.
Back to the issue of talking with people -its odd how some people just can open up to complete strangers on a plane. Get those same people riding the T on a weekday morning and they would never utter a word to their fellow passengers. Just the other month I was flying from Boston to Denver and some guy starts a conversation. I find out that the guy works in Lynn and is moving offices to the same town I work in! Not only that he is moving offices to the same Street I work on! Effing amazing.
Anyone reading this will gather that I like to maintain a safe sense of anonymity and meeting strangers on flights gives me pause.

Manchester Airport

Sunday: got up at 0700 got ready and left home at 0930. I got to the airport by 1030. Manchester is a bit far but more convenient for going to Nashville. Wife dropped me off at the curbside for curbside check in. It was a bit busy cause some ass hit the front of my car with his suitcase as he was offloading from his very big and offensive SUV. But hell this is New Hampshire and they drive things like that up here. Anyway I had to walk a few yards to the curbside check in and I had 5 bags to check. I was waiting on the other side and the Southwest employee said "The line starts over there." (roll eyes) so I had to go to the other side. I was unable to see the cheap-ass make-shift hand-written sign that said "Line starts here". So I waited some more. Then as I got up to the counter the guy says "I can't do extra bags here, can you carry any on?" I felt like saying "Does it f***ing look like I can carry any of those on? You f***ing f***head!" But I said "No I can't look at the size of them." So I basically wasted 10 minutes standing around outside and had to go inside and buy one of those $2 cart things. So I had to leave my bags outside unattended while I went in to get a $2 cart. At least I saved $1 cause they are $3 at Logan.

I went inside and waited for a LONG time cause the line was backed up like a mutha! I ended up paying $80 extra for the 2 extra bags. I expected that. I got checked in and went upstairs to get a bite. Your choices are McDonalds (after seeing "Super Size Me" -Puke!) Pizza Hut (more shite!) or Dunkin Donuts. There was another sandwich place but I opted for the Dunkin' Donuts breakfast sandwich with an Iced Coffee. Cause its the last Iced coffee I would have for a week. No seats of course loaded with people just BS'ing sipping coffee and eating McDonalds shite. So I sat down at a phone box and ate and drank. The coffee was lacking but cest la vie. Got through security -I am getting good at this. Now I am waiting at the gate with my laptop out typing this. People are lining up to get on the plane. The flight is 1215 and its now 1145. I guess I had better close this up and type the rest on the plane ride down.


Game 1 tonight

Game 1 starts tonight. I will watch and eat a nice dinner. Pack up the rest of my clothes for tomorrow. I just came from the office packing my car for the trip to Tennessee. I can't take the Subaru to the airport so I will have to have Ashley take me in my personal vehicle. I will have 5 checked bags! Big suitcase for equip, toolbox, ladder, a nother box (a spare) and finally a small suitcase for my clothing.

I will hope they have curbside check in. Going up to Manchester airport (45 minute drive) only because they do direct flights to Nashville. Flying from Boston I will have to connect. I hate connecting and Manchester is such a small nice airport. Plus Southwest Airlines is cheaper than the regular airlines.

I will be posting nightly via email.


Gettin' COLD up in this Mutha!

Yeah have to wear my damn coat and knit cap now. Today we had the guy from Dish Network come and install the dish. And now I go from having 10 Broadcast channels to 180 digital channels SWEET!

As a matter of fact I should probably go watch some police chases or Fox Sports or Food Network.

I picked up the Subaru today as we don't have an answer from the UK yet. I had to drive it very slow on 128 and some twat got pissed and blew his horn at me. -I slowed down.

Check the local temp:

Last Update on 2004-10-21 23:56Z

46º F / 7º C
83% RH
1025.8 hPa


All I can say today is WE WIN! (Please read the article)

Fan anxiety turns to delirium, rowdiness

Do you believe in miracles? Red Sox Nation does.

In a delirious reaction to an unprecedented comeback, millions of New Englanders erupted in joy early this morning as the Boston Red Sox stormed past the New York Yankees to seize the team's first pennant since 1986.

From living rooms to barrooms to dorm rooms, the pent-up hopes of the Red Sox's championship-starved fans exploded into a wild, whooping celebration that at times degenerated into vandalism and destruction.

After the victory, thousands of fans, many of them young people, flooded into Kenmore Square. As police in riot gear and on horseback looked on, Red Sox supporters hung on fences and storefront awnings, watching the noisy river of excited, bobbing bodies that filled the streets. Some fans set fires near Lansdowne Street behind Fenway Park and tipped over cars.

Police attempted to control the crowd by firing bean bags and rubber pellets, witnesses said. At least one person was taken by ambulance, they said, although police could not immediately confirm the incident. Another woman dropped to the ground after being struck and appeared to be bleeding, the witnesses said. ''It was crazy," said one of the witnesses, John Foley, 26, of Cambridge.

At 1:30 this morning, Boston police would not provide information about arrests.

Most of the celebrations, however, were more joyous than violent. Screaming and singing, many fans seemed to throw off a week's worth of stress with arm-pumping euphoria. A few smoked celebration cigars in Kenmore Square, singing the Standells' classic ''Dirty Water" song, the team's unofficial anthem.

Around the same time, in New York, ecstatic Red Sox fans nearly took over Yankee Stadium, singing the Yankees' theme song, ''New York, New York," with off-key gusto as they crowded behind home plate to celebrate the improbable victory. ''These little town blues are melting away," Ed Graham of Tyngsborough sang along with the Frank Sinatra recording. ''I'm not going to use that stupid word 'surreal.' It's just unbelievable."

Shouts of ''Johnny Damon is my homeboy!" and ''It's all over!" filled the air around the stadium, where there was a heavy police presence. Thousands of Yankee fans had left the stadium early, including Yogi Berra, the Yankees legend famous for his phrase ''It ain't over till it's over," who quietly departed before the seventh inning.

In Boston, the hordes of fans who flooded night spots were watched by law enforcement officials. More than twice the number of officers were deployed than used during the celebrations after the New England Patriots' Super Bowl victory in February, during which one man was killed.

Helicopters patrolled the skies this morning, Boston police Superintendent James Claiborne coordinated the multiagency effort from a command center at headquarters, and Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole roamed the city to see potential trouble spots herself.
In Kenmore Square, police officers equipped with full riot gear, large wooden sticks, bulletproof vests, shinguards, and helmets with shields stood four across and about 25 deep. Sections of nearby Beacon Street and Commonwealth Avenue were closed and Yawkey Way was shut down.

Four people climbed on top of the ''Keep the Faith" 30-foot billboard above the Cask 'n' Flagon. About 10 others attempted to climb the Green Monster on Lansdowne Street. One man fell and was taken away by ambulance.

Cherry bombs and other fireworks were detonated and drivers honked their horns as traffic stalled near Kenmore Square. Some people jumped on cars; others crammed into the bed of a Boston Public Works dump truck. The truck's windshield and windows were eventually smashed.

More peaceful fans lined up at the Red Sox ticket office, sitting in beach chairs and dreaming about purchasing World Series tickets.

At the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, police shot off pepper balls and smoke to control the crowds while a helicopter roared overheard. A large number of undercover police walked the grounds and others patrolled the campus on horseback.

In Boston, neighborhoods far from Fenway were less crowded but still exuberant. On Broadway in South Boston, cars rolled by, their horns blaring, while people poured out of bars, screaming, dancing, and hugging. In front of the Playwright Cafe, Joel Price, a 38-year-old alternative medicine practitioner from Weymouth, was high-fiving his friends, a look of disbelief on his face.

''It's just euphoric," Price said. ''It was almost perfect tonight. And as far as I'm concerned the curse has been snapped in half."

''I believe! I really do believe!" said Amanda Mellgard, 27, at the L Street Tavern in South Boston.

In a modern frenzy of elation and high-tech gadgetry, many fans called their friends on cellphones, and then held up the phones to capture the game-ending ruckus inside the South Boston bar and hoarse, beer-stoked choruses of ''Some Kind of Wonderful."

Across the region, children in pajamas and Red Sox shirts stayed up way past their bedtime, posting runs on homemade scoreboards and popping balloons on which they had drawn faces of Yankees players.

Fans across the region celebrated with family members, both living and dead. At the Breezeway Bar and Grill in Roxbury, Jack Wilkins yelled, 'We got 'em! We finally got 'em!" as he watched the game with three generations of his family.

''First thing tomorrow, I'm going to my father's grave, and I'm going to sing, 'Who's your daddy?' " a reference to the chant that Yankees fans used to taunt Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez.

A few miles away, near Fenway, Mark Von Duyke was pushing his wife, Joan, who uses a wheelchair, across the Brookline Avenue overpass above the Mass Pike.

''This is the happiest day of our lives, except for the day we got married," Mark Von Duyke said as the cheering crowds parted to let the couple pass.

Suzanne Smalley, Megan Tench, Lisa Kocian, and David Abel of the Globe staff, and correspondents Peter DeMarco, Michael Levenson, Heather Allen, Jack Encarnacao, and Erika Lovley contributed to this report.


Hope the Red Sox can hold on to this lead!

Red Sox Are Currently up 8-1.

Diagnosis "Shagged"

The Subaru ran well enough today for me to take it to the Subaru garage. They had a look at it and said it was the clutch. They also had a list of problems in total amounting to $1650 in repairs. I had to fax Paul the estimate so he can check with Birmingham, the UK (Upper management) to see if we can go forward with the repairs.

So the Subaru is waiting at the garage tonight. The $1650 does not even include any brake repairs. The brakes are shagged as well.

Also I got the package from Andy today. He was in the UK a few weeks back he picked up John B's CD "In Transit" which you can't get over here. Also he got me a cool safety vest (orange) from the London Underground. I will take photos of it tomorrow. It didn't look like a tourist thing so he must have either known someone or nicked it off someone in London.



The Subie finally died

I drove down to New Haven, CT today. Fine day as it was pissing it down. After getting wet and cold, I came back. I was driving the Subaru through Hartford and I noticed the engine jumping. There must have been some water which got into the electrical or something. I made it to the Newton Plaza on the Masspike and paid the toll While waiting in line it almost stalled. I tried to bring it home but it just wouldn't work. I got as far as 0.5 miles after paying the tolls at Newton. then I had to pull over in the breakdown lane. Help arrived about an hour later and the cost of towing was $129. (13 miles) I felt sorry for the driver. He said he moved to Boston from Jamacia 30 years ago and he seemed happy in his job but it is a dangerous job and he said he doesn't get any cut of the towing fee. He just gets paid an hourly wage. One reason he wasn't bothered with getting stuck in traffic. (it was 4pm when he picked me up) That towing company is getting rich, crazy FAT rich.

Anyway we talked about the Red Sox nail-biting incredible victory last night and he brought me back to the office. I will try and get the Subie fixed tomorrow.

Posted some photos of Daniella, and of the fall foilage. Today was cold, rainy and cold. It rained ALL DAY. Now I got home late, ate dinner and it is time to get warm, dry and relax with a nice cuppa' Cranberry juice.

Enjoy the photos.

Awful conditions at Sturbridge.

October is Orange :)

Stuck in traffic this morning on 128. (Notice the George W Bush sticker)

Photo taken just 30 minutes ago.

Her laying on her new sheets.

Daniella. This will be her first Haloween

Photo of My daughter Daniella and also of my dog Buttons.


Some good in times of despair

Red Sox won last night.
won Yesterday.
I am accepted for a job night cleaning offices around here.

I booked my details for my Tennessee trip. Flying into Nashville on Sunday the 24th and flying back on Halloween. Bugs should be dead by now. Might come across a few yellow jackets that like to hang around in the warm weather of October. I anticipate this will be long and hard work but it will be an adventure still.

I start working at night on Friday which is excellent. Will quite enjoy some extra money coming in. This is the best news I have had since the UA débâcle of the 1st of October.

It is currently 1656 which means it is time to go home.


Update 2042

Man, time moves by much quicker with my family home again. Where did the weekend go? Today I bought a 6 x 9 foot carpet for the living room at BJ's which is better cause our hardwood floors seep cold air up from the cellar. I managed to get it in the trunk of my versatile Ford Focus Sedan with fold down rear seating. Who needs an SUV?
I am still getting past the shock that it costs $22 for a week's worth of baby formula. Took some good photos tonight of her. She is getting bigger by the day. I can't wait for her to get over having colic but after that the next big hurdle is her cutting teeth. Life is an adventure.

Back to work tomorrow. I have to get ready for Tennessee. I plan on flying down on the 24th of Oct. Bust ass and get it done by Friday the 29th. Will see how it goes. It is going to be challenging as I have to perform more tasks this time around (We visit TN 4 times in a year).

I will find some time to post some photos.

The Red Sox lost again... Oh damn I think they are on now...Matsui on 2nd, Scoreless...Now Matsui within Scoring position on 3rd! OUT! now 2 outs...

I have to go in to see about night office cleaning. The job sounds great I used to clean a hockey arena in Fairbanks, Alaska back a long time ago for extra cash. This one sounds promising. The beauty of it is that it is local, the north of Boston (128 tech corridor) is filled with office buildings galore. So there is a short supply of people willing to clean these buildings. I may just be hired to do so. being paid $9 per hour which is VERY welcome.

Will update about this tomorrow.


Busy as hell

Thats about it really. Oh and tomorrow is Friday. Which is a relief. I am quite tired and there is a huge difference with my state of being now than it was a month ago. I am happy that my family is home but I am tired for some reason. I don't get up in the night to take care of Daniella cause of me having to get up in the mornings, and Ashley not having to get up. But For some reason I do feel tired. It seems to me as if it is 10 pm already.


Nothing much really.

Nothing much really. I have my hands full at home and the Red Sox lost last night. It was damn close though. We shall see what is in store for tonight.

I should also think about getting a haircut soon as it has been about 4 months since my last one. It was a high and tight.

Beautiful day today

2004-10-13 1856Z

Air Temperature: 21º C
Relative Humidity: 31%
Wind Velocity: 1.3m/s
Wind Direction: 308º
Barometric Pressure: 1004.1 hPa

Chill / Downtempo

A chill/downtempo set.



Lack of updates

The reader will notice that there is a lack of updates. There is a reason for this. My wife and daughter have come home and my hands are full. (Such things happen with a two month old baby.) I meant to update this at work today but I am swamped at work too. I will try to update as much as I can given the circumstances.

Finally glad they both came back home though.


mp3 link

Well I told you I downloaded 1992 hardcore set but I failed to provide a sampls.

1992's Mix / 2002-07-04 Shore thing

It is great hardcore stuff. My favorite part is after 24 minutes into it.

Now I guess I should go and get some bottle brushes at the store. Bearing in mind I will be jamming this set on the way to the store. As always USE HEADPHONES when listening to this and other hardcore sets its just better that way.

All clean

All cleaned up now. I just spoke to Ashley (my wife) and they are in Brewster, NY. So that means they will be here in 3 hours. I have to go to the store and pick up a bottle brush. Currently downloading all of the old hardcore sets from 1992. I am going to put these on a CD. My next trip is Tennessee the last week in October. So having this music should help. I just got back from Subway and got my usual. I am so glad to have tomorrow off.

The Yanks again.

So it is the time for the ALCS again and we play against the Evil Empire. I am a bit worried myself. But a miracle may happen and we may go to the World Series this year. And I would really like to see us win it all. One for the history books.

I would like to go to King Richard's Faire, one of those middle ages festivals in Carver. But this time around it looks too expensive. (Adult tix are $24). I didn't even know it was on cause I haven't seen any commercials for it this year but apparently it has been going on since Labor day. I found out about it watching Fox25 this morning and an excellent job from Jodi Applegate. If I had known that it was open so early (since labor day) I would have went by myself. Not very fun I know but this last month I have been bored. Now that Wife and baby are coming back it will be ok. I guess there will always be the Medieval Manor. Although the wife won't like the idea of eating without cutlery. And I don't know how difficult it will be to bring Daniella in.
I now need to clean up the place a bit cause this place has been bachelorized I only swept the place. I need to clean up a bit thats all.

I better get to it. They left Clarion, PA at 0800 and I calculated it takes eight hours from there and it is now 1058.


Red Sox WIN!

Well it was another nail biter. But we pulled it off tonight! Awesome feeling. I had to crack open a few drinks in the 9th Inning cause I was getting worried. But when it ended, I celebrated by ordering up some Chinese and picking it up across the street. Lemon Chicken with Steamed white rice.

Pictures are up from Connecticut. I tried to get artsy with them. I would like a new Digital camera and it is within the realm of possibility using my hotel rewards points. But I want to save up for an iPod Mini. I currently have a good amount of points saved up and the iPod Mini is ideal cause of its size and its space on disk. I already use a radio transmitter for use in the car using my mp3CD player. Now all I need is the $249 iPod Mini. Of course I won't pay jack for it once my personal shopper comes back to me with the quote. I suspect it will be more than what I have so I will have to save the points.

I really had second thoughts about posting this picture cause I look like an idiot here but I love that Flash effect in the mirror.

My fresh new running shoes (from my birthday) NB 831's

I tired to take a self portrait here.

What I see every time I stay in a hotel in a cold corner of the world. Just give me some water and a connection. My portal to the world.

Better view out of my window at the hotel.

Nice view out of my hotel room in North Haven, CT



Just heard about a cool Band named "Keane"


Check them out they are a Brit -pop- rock band. (It may take a while to load the song but be patient)

Nothing much really

Nothing much to report from here really. I just got back from dropping Paul off at the airport. They had a nice helpful electronic messageboard now as you exit the airport that says "Best route to I-93 use Williams Tunnel" Hell that would have been helpful on 25 August! I am just going to go that way now every time until they are finished with the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Driving around North Station, Storrow Drive, MGH, O 'Brien Hwy. is a huge pain in the ass. So the Ted Williams it is. Ted Williams tunnel to Freedom tunnel to Zakim Bridge. It seems like a huge roundabout way of getting to where I need to go but it is way better than the alternative.

Find out more about the Big Dig here.

Other than that the weather is awesome.

At Bedford:

Air Temperature: 22º C
Relative Humidity: 20%
Wind Velocity: 2.68m/s
Wind Direction: 220º
Barometric Pressure: 1028.2 hPa



Today started pretty early. I have the camera in my backpack/rucksack. I don't feel like getting it out to upload photos now. The day started at 6 and I woke from a somewhat bad dream. And I realized how much I miss my wife and daughter. It was hearing Daniella crying on the phone last night that did it. They will be here soon though.
The work was fast paced and we were done by 1300. A quick two hours drive back to Boston went by. Paul was driving back from Hartford as I couldn't drive the manual Subaru and eat at the same time. (I don't even like to do this in an automatic). We stopped at a gas station and got sandwiches and water. A healthy alternative to Fast Food Nation.
So I was flipping through the radio at about Sturbridge. There were two idiots on talking about politics and the Vice Presidential debate (that was on???) and the guy (there was a guy and a girl on the radio -a music station) said "I don't care about other countries I don't care if they just fell off the face of the earth... France can kiss my ass." I am sitting there rolling my eyes and thinking "what a F'in idiot!

The global economy needs international trade the US needs to import and export goods. This lamebrain probably didn't realize this though. He was one of those "Let's flatten that country" (roll eyes again). I got sick of it and popped in some LTJ Bukem but Paul said it was shite. (jokingly of course) He agreed that it was better than the shite on the radio.

So we made it back to the office and we picked up our mail quickly and he took the Subaru back to his posh hotel and I drove my car home.

I fixed some biscuits and vegetables and corn -yes I am aware that corn is a vegetable as well. Nice dinner eh? I need to pick up some milk and eggs. Then I can make some more things for dinner this week.

That's about it really. Oh when I came home it was freakin' freezing! the temp said it was 60º so I fired up the plug in heaters I brought home from work and got it nice inside. That in combination with the stove being utilized to make biscuits warmed things up nice.

So it's off to bed and maybe watching a bit of "America's Next Top Model".


Off to bed

I should get off to bed early tonight. I need to get into the office by 0730 or so tomorrow. in order to prep for New Haven, CT. With me on this trip will be my copy of "Fast Food Nation" -in case I get bored. But I think things are going to happen so quickly that I won't have time to read. I plan on posting an update tomorrow night from the hotel room. But I may post an update before then. -just before I leave the office to pick up Paul.
I watched the "Super Size Me" DVD with commentary from Morgan Spurlock and his girlfriend Alex. Very cool feature. It's like they are in your living room talking to you while the movie is playing.
So its off to bed, I already drank my 1L of water from dinner and still thirsty. I think there is a half liter of Poland Spring in the fridge though.


So I call up HR at said national retail chain store and tell her the story. I went in and scheduled the UA and they again were being sarcastic. So I just wanted to get it done and get out of there. I made an appt. for 1445. I left my office at 1400 went to Subway (my favorite place to eat lunch) and had a bite with 1L of water. By 1440 I was ready to produce a sample. The test went ok. So I am keeping my fingers crossed to see what they say at management. If all goes well, then I can look forward to working a second job part time.

As an aside, That sandwich at Subway was probably the best I have had in a long time.

My favorite at Subway is now a

FootL Turkey Breast on Wheat.
  • Swiss cheese
  • Lettuce
  • tomato
  • pickle
  • black olive
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper

This guy put a lot of Salt and pepper on it so it was even better. Nothing like Fresh whole grain food. I could eat Subway every day for lunch due to the fact that 1) I love it and 2) the choices. You can make so many different combinations.


So here is the score for this week

Monday: In the office. NJ & NH Recovery -Business as usual.
Tuesday: In the office in the morning then going to pick up my boss Paul at the airport. We then drive down to New Haven, CT and stay the night. Enough to get an early start on Wednesday.
Wednesday: Do what we are paid to do. Expect to start at 0745 and expect to end work by 1600. Then drive back to Boston.
Thurdsay: Back in the office. Some constructive criticism from Paul is expected. Maybe not a full bollocking but a slight lecture can be expected. Then in the afternoon I take Paul back to the airport.
Friday: Connecticut Recovery.

Nice mp3 sets

They are a bit old school but I found them to be pretty good:

My favorite out of the two
(I don't like the first track of this one but after 14.00 it is OK. Then it really takes off at about 25 min)
Just found this one too in the same place
(Haven't had a chance to really listen to this one but it sounds OK these came from a site in Slovakia)


I am now working in the office and I have been doing so since about noon. As soon as I arrived I didn't want to take any chances so I went to completely disarm the alarms. I was given a green confirmation and I took this as it being DISARMED from its heightened state. (perfectly normal) I worked in my office until I needed to print something out. I walked next to the printer I usually use -next to the computer room and the alarm went off. I went to disarm it from the inside in the closest door and it didn't work. I walked over to the area where the alarm company calls to answer the phone call from them and they all had their phones FWD to VM so I went outside and disarmed it and the alarm had stopped & by now the cops were here. They took my DL No. and my name. They noted the broken glass at the front which has been broken for a week. I was quite scared as it was totally unexpected. I am going to leave soon though.

So I think we need to have the alarm company phone number handy so that If I do set it off in the future I can immediately call them and tell them the password. Rather than messing around trying to wait for a call that may or may not come. (for all I know they tried to call but it went directly to a VM.)

A clarification

Well I wrote that I was in search of a job at a well known national retail chain but I didn't say why. Well it is to get a night job. See my wife isn't going to go back to work because we both distrust the daycare system and what is the point of paying someone $770 per week to look after our only child? It is not worth her going back to work. So now any extra money is greatly appreciated.
I may look elsewhere now as I can't apply again at this place for six months.


Make yo ass fat

Rhys had recently given me the book "Fast Food Nation" and I must say it is an interesting read. Also I just bought and watched the "Super Size me" DVD. Very well done, excellent film. Everyone should watch this film. I am glad I bought it it is the best $20 I ever spent on a DVD.

Makes you think.

The C5 on landing which was LOUD!

A huge-ass C5 landing at the jobsite in NH (yes a flightline).

Another interesting site. This place is called "Co-Op City" which is within the Bronx. Packt in like sardines.

I tried to capture something interesting. We have a few buildings like this going over the masspike in Allston. This is in Manhattan people were hanging their laundry outside over this busy highway which ran underneath them. I wonder if their clothes had any exhaust fumes smell from all the traffic?

Paying the $6 for the right to cross the GWB in to Manhattan. (click photo to enlarge) check out the blue sign... yeah I am not lying.

You can sum up my attitude during this trip with this one photo. Gloomy, and sick.

Huge-ass toll plaza

Friggin' Sopranos

Highway hell

Looking out my hotel room in Newark. Another nice view eh?

My view out the hotel room in Newark. Nice huh? See the prison towers?


October is here

Today I woke up very early and went to pick up Rhys at the hotel. We immediately drove to NH again and Rhys did what he had to do. Then He drove to the airport. He got out and I drove the Subaru back to the office. I had a training session which started at 1200 and lasted for 2 hours. It was during this session that I had realized that I needed to make an appointment for a drug test. So I jet home and I immediately call the place and the lady I spoke with said they are completely full up until Monday. I stress that I need to have the test today (to be within the 24 hour policy) and she, in a sarcastic tone, replied back with a "why didn't you call us before" so I explained the whole NH thing. For all they know I couldn't have had access to a cell phone. But in reality I was so spaced this morning -at 0500 -that I forgot to record the number so I could schedule it while I was in NH. I called the potential place of employment again. The HR person is gone until Monday. I spoke with the store manager to see if I could either have another interview or go somewhere else to take the test and I got a "You can re-apply in six months". I called the clinic again. I stopped by the clinic to see if there was any way I could take the test today. It seemed to me that it was dependant on which company I was seeking employment for. As in "Oh you are with company X we are booked up" -sort of vibe.

So this is stressing me out very much. I still have to sort out this CT job and I will have to do that on Monday unfortunately. It's currently 1640 and I have been up working for 10.5 hours.

Going home to go to bed. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Portsmouth, NH -Thursday

So we are now talking about yesterday, (30S) and We both started the day early. I left my house at 0600 and we went to NH. Did 2 jobs there and left by 1530. Very productive day. I was all set for my job interview at a well-known national retail chain at 1800. I arrived 10 minutes early. The interview went off without a hitch. It was the perfect interview. I ACED it. Having said that, I was offered a position. It didn't pay much ($8 per hour) but in today's economy every little bit helps. I was very excited and glad to have been offered the job. Years of going before boards and being able to speak and react quickly to trick questions, to exude the highest level of confidence, to be assertive. All were done with flying colors. It was policy to have a drug test done within 24 hours of the interview. I had no problem with this so I was to call a place local to here and schedule an appointment this was to be done today (01) as the medical offices were closed at 1930. Time to celebrate (slightly). Rhys had never been to Boston or Cambridge. We were going to have a meal and go out. I drove to Malden and they had a shuttle bus service to Sullivan (had I known this I would have just drove to Sullivan). But anyway by now it had started to rain. We decided to just drive to Sullivan. And thanks to my intrinsic sense of direction, I was able to drive from Malden station to Sullivan Sq. in the dark, in the rain without ever having been on these roads before in my life. This was no small feat as the shuttle bus -who had probably gone via a more direct route -arrived at the station (Sullivan) at the same time I did. (Score one for me.) We rode into town, Rhys commented that "it was like a mini Underground" and yes it is like a mini Underground. London has -I believe the most track of any subway system in the world, although NYC has more stops. Boston's is small but effective. Rhys used to live in London by the way.
So I took Rhys to Harvard. we walked around and though it was raining it suited him just fine as the streets reminded him of his native Wales and also the rain added to the illusion. We had a few drinks at Grafton St. and also at some other place -a Texas style Tex-Mex place on Church St. Which had mediocre beer. The whisky (Glennfiddich) was ok. At about 12.30 AM we headed home. I was to wake up at 0430 that is 3.5 hours away from when I went to sleep as It was 1AM when I got back.


Currently I am quite upset about something. Actually upset is an extreme understatement. I have lots of updates and I will explain why I am so upset at the end. Of course this will place the most recent on top so you probably already know the reason I am upset.

Nevertheless, I will update the site.

Morning of Wednesday the 29th I realized that the hotel is adjacent to a prison. And also some railroad tracks. I slept fine though. Breakfast was not up to par either but what else is there to eat? We booked out of the hotel and went into do some work. After the work, we drove back up to Boston. Quite a long drive.