More rain

It has been raining all day from start to finish. I have had an OK day off. Had to go Grocery shopping which was fun cause there were so many people there I could barely walk in the aisles. That's always fun. Then -since there were so many people they were short staffed and I had to bag my own groceries. And offloading in the car in the pouring rain was fun as well. The store is always like that during the day. I was once walking through the bread aisle and some Indian guy and his kid had opened up a bag of sliced bread and were eating it right there in the aisle -which was a bit disturbing. But we are set for food now for 2 weeks or so.

This weekend I had to go back to RTE 3 and finish up some work which still is not done by the way. I was hungry as hell so I stopped midway in between my work yesterday and got some Panera to go. I wolfed down the sandwich and guzzled down the drink. It was all I had to eat yesterday. I then finished my work at 2145! by moonlight. I am just going to call up those mob guys and tell them to fix the problem and I would come back to Billerica Wednesday.

Bringing me into my schedule for this week:

MON Leave the office at 15-1600 and arrive at Bangor, Maine at 2000. Spend the night.
TUE Head to Bucksport, Maine and do work for the day. Drive back to Boston and chill.
WED Finish the work in Billerica, MA and come back to the office. Clean the office up cause it is a bit messy.

Denver trip is cancelled (can't remember if I said so or not).

Nothing much happened today except the fact that it has been raining like a MOFO.

Will update later.


TN Trip No. 4,080

Well I left my house at 0330 on Monday. So I could swing by the office and hit the airport (MHT), (45 minutes away) and get checked in and ready to board my plane to Dulles at 0540. I was on the plane at 0600! Then the pilot in reality forgets his log book but doesnt tell us until 0620. We finally de-plane at 0630 and I am unable to catch the 0720 to Chicago Ohare. I managed to finagle my way onto a 0830 to Ohare and get into Knoxville a few hours late. The experience at the counter was a bit scary cause this cancellation pissed a whole lot of people off -Big time! The gate agent almost threatened to call in the State Police cause some guy was irate. I was standing next to him too and I expected him to start swinging at the gate agent. I said to the guy, look man, if you are going to hit anyone, go hit the pilot.

Anyway the most oddest thing happened, I was in Ohare, and for those that dont know, this is the nations busiest airport and I heard at one time it was the worlds busiest. I dont know about now, but I do know that a plane lands every 3 seconds at this airport. So the place is massive. I was walking to my connecting gate then I hear my name being called. It was my colleague Andy from Boulder, CO and he was on his flight from Denver to Detroit. connecting. What are the odds?! He was covering for me, as you may remember I was slated to go to Detroit this week. So wierd! We got a bite to eat and then he went on his way and I went on my way.

Rocked tha house in TN ate dinner in a place called "Hooters" which had some mediocre food but at least they had Guinness which was $4.50 per pint. Bastards! This brought my bill up to more than $30. But anyway, I did some more work the next day and then straight up hauled ass back to Knoxville to catch my flight back on Tuesday. Flight from Knoxville to Charlotte was OK. Loads of people. Some drunk-ass, middle-aged, professional women making jokes laughing. A big huge overweight dude sitting behind me snoring his ass off. a hella-fied bumpy ass ride and some muthafucka who couldnt wait -he lit up a smoke right on the flightline -man these southerners smoke like a muthafucka! Its like a different world they allow smoking in restaurants etc down in the south and I could have sworn in the Charlotte airport I smelt smoke wafting from a resturant. Charlotte was busy as hell and it may be because of people travelling for Thanksgiving. I got back to Manchester at 2240 and drove home.


1996-07-13 2238ADT


Update 20041119.2229Z

OK I tried to update last night but got this message:

Down for Maintenance
Blogger is temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance.
This downtime will last 1 hour from 3 pm - 4 pm (PST).

So I was unable to update then. But To update, my jobs along Route 3 went OK. I still have to go back Wednesday of next week to finish. I am not pleased with that. But as it is these union thugs turned out to be some pretty good guys. Teamwork was excellent and we finished early on both nights (3am). I am a bit sore but that is to be expected. I have had quite a workout this week. Banged up, bruised, cut etc. But the wounds will heal and now I am sitting in my office in my nice leather chair typing this up. Now the thing I have to do is to get back onto the right time zone in time for Monday. I also have to unload the Subaru, re-pack the Subaru for Monday, and also do my Job #2 tomorrow. I currently weigh 198 and although it doesn't sound like much of a loss from 215 I feel great. I even had someone from the office notice a difference in my appearance. My target weight is 180. Or I just want to get down to a reasonable level, regardless of weight, replace fat with muscle etc. I dont want to be Buff but only cut or slightly buff. I want to get some of those "water weights" the kind you fill up with water so I can put them on my checked luggage and not have them weigh as much, then use them in the privacy of my hotel room, without having to go into the hotels' excercise rooms.

So I am going to have to connect in Dulles Monday. I have never been to that airport. My flight out of Manchester is 0600! So I should have to leave home at 4am or so. Staying near Johnson City, TN and I will fly back the next day. Going to be another quick week.


Update 20041117.0753Z

OK so I just got home from Newington, NH. Everything went well, besides be freezing my ass off. It wasn't very cold in temperature but the high humidity made it cold.

Pease International Tradeport, NH at 2004-11-17, 0255R :
Air Temperature -2ºC
Relative Humidity 100%
Wind Velocity 1.3 m/s
Wind Direction 312º
Barometric pressure 1026.4 hPa

So I was feeling the chill. Plus looking down at the tidal flow which -I was told- was the fastest tidal flow in the world, scared me a bit. I had to speak to Rhys sitting at home in Boulder, CO on dialup to do a remote test. There was a 15-20 second delay (in images not the voice) which was annoying, it was as if I was on the moon and he was on earth. But we got the job done, and I thawed out in the car for the dark scary ride home. I totally forgot about the damn Hampton tolls. Good thing I had some cash with me cause that would have sucked. Now I am at home trying to keep awake for a bit. Wednesday night (tonight essentially) is the big job. I am not looking forward to it but I just have to get it done. Also my trip to Boulder, CO has been cancelled. So I have to get another credit making 3 in total. 1- a cancelled flight to Flint, MI. 2- a cancelled flight to Nashville, TN and now this cancelled flight to Denver, CO. The Tennessee trip is still on though as well as the Maine trip. I am flying from Manchester, NH to Knoxville, TN connecting in Washington, D.C. (Dulles). And connecting in Charlotte, NC on the way back.

Will update about that later.


Update 20041116.0622Z

OK so here is the deal, its currently 0122R and I am up trying to stay awake and Ashley is in bed. Daniella is also sleeping, Buttons (the dog) is also sleeping. Why am I up? Cause these guys who are essentially union thugs who work for mob bosses said they couldn't do the work during the day, or rather-the state govt. told them they had to work at night. So this has just been a complete and utter cock-up from the word go. I woke up at 0500 on Monday morning, went to work on site and these guys didnt even show up until 8am. So I wasted a day. Whats worse, we planned it so that I would work tonight (Monday night) and so I went home, slept and put my cell phone on silent. These guys call me up (I didnt hear it of course cause I was trying to get some sleep to prepare me for the upcoming night work) and they tell me it has been cancelled for tonight. Good job because I had already called my job#2 and told them I couldn't make it Monday night cause I had to work in my job #1 at night.

So I go to job #2 and luckily run into my boss, from job #2 and tell him the deal. I manage to get my work back -at least I will have that. So basically I am getting my sleep schedule ready to do the night work on Wednesday and Thursday night. I of course also have to go to Newington, NH Tuesday night. So I plan on staying up until 5-6am now which is another 5 hours or so. That way I can get into a night schedule. As if I was on the same time zone as Bangkok, Thailand. (GMT +7) currently 1332G.

So thats the deal. The cool thing about the iternet is its always on, and the programming doesn't suck in the after hours like TV.


Daniella just had her bath tonight.

Update 20041114.0150Z

So, I worked very hard Friday and re agganged my travel plans as per my boss Mike. He had me flying into Knoxville instead of Nashville. Oh wait I didn't even mention I had to change my plans from Detroit! Updated:

Mon 15 Nov: Driving up to Tyngsboro, MA all day looks like I will be there 2 days in a row.
Tue 16 Nov or Wed 17 Nov: Driving up to Billerica, MA. For 2 days maybe. I basically have all week this next week to do this. Route 3 is a complete cock-up as usual. Bunch of mob-run corrupt -union freaks. (just like the Big-dig) I hate working with these guys, I hate every part of it. But the good thing is #1 we will have clear, dry sunny weather next week, and #2 Once I am finished with this I wont have to mess with these mob bosses again! Good riddens.

Mon 22 Nov-Tue 23 Nov: Flying into Knoxville, TN. Working in a place called Erwin, TN and flying back.

Mon 29 Nov- Tue 30 Nov: Working in the very beautiful Stockton Springs, Maine. hopefully with good weather. I have all week to do this job as well.

Sun 5 Dec - Fri 10 Dec: Flying out to Denver, CO and driving up to Boulder, CO for a week of fun fun fun work activities and a few nights out with the lads having a few beers.

A very busy busy time. This last week went by so fast cause I was so busy. And I worked today in my second job. I have to go into the office tomorrow to prepare for my job at Tyngsboro on Monday. I have to be there at 7am (Joy)

It is supposed to help them with teething.

There is an old wive's tale about putting the baby's foot in the first snow.

A way to tell hot deep it is, not very deep but I'm not complaining.

So we got our first snow yesterday and last night.


Desktop Wallpaper material here. :)

Nice one

Had to capture a photo of the leaves here before the wind blew them all away.

Update 20041112.0143Z

So you will notice I have finally uploaded photos from my TN trip. My night job has taken away lots of my energy and time.

Notice in the shot of the dashboard, the temp shows its 78º F which is considerably warm for the end of OCT. But that was TN for ya.

A big slice of Americana. But really Why are there 6 different signs? Its all a bit confusing if you ask me. I took this in the town of Murfreesboro.

Saw this interesting place and just had to get a photo. Heh, "Burger Queen" :)

A really cool mountain home near Erwin, TN. Talk about NO cell phone coverage!

Typical I-40 view. Lots of BIG ASS trucks with asshole truckers driving them.

There you go :) Actually this was taken later when I was hauling ass on I-40. (Notice time difference)

...So :)

What do you think the Speed limit should be on this road? Well in TN it is a agonizing 45MPH! I mean come on I should be able to at least go 65! Its a freaking dual carriageway!

I was driving in TN and saw this cave it looks like an old mine.


Update 20041109.2154Z

So I managed to move my desk around to the front part of my office. Much much better.

Tonight I am going directly to Job #2 rather than going home to eat. That way I will get done sooner. Dark as hell already outside.

Update 20041109.1718Z

Well It has really gotten cold here lately, last night while I was at my 2nd job I noticed some flurries coming down. It will apparently get down to 20º F tonight. I have just finalized my Michigan and Denver Trips. To clarify I will fly into Flint, MI rather than Detroit cause there is a $1000 difference in price. -Go figure.
Looking at my office as well, I am thinking about moving things around a bit cause the way things are now, It is not very good. My desk is about 18 feet from the door so I am thinking about moving it closer. As it gets darker and darker for winter I want as much daylight as possible. I got gyped by not having an office with an outside window so I will have to settle for a cross view of Karen's office as she has a window. At least I will be able to see outside, unlike the old office where although there was shed-loads of space, it seemed like I was working in a spaceship or underground cause there weren't any windows.

*****LUNCH TIME*****


Busy as hell

On the Agenda:

16 Nov Newington, NH
22-23 Nov Detroit, MI
6-10 Dec Boulder, CO
And somewhere in between I have to fit in Fryeburg, Maine; Tyngsboro, MA; and Billerica; MA.

And on top of that I have to try and work at night as much as possible at Job #2. Today seems like it lasted 20 minutes, cause I have been so busy.


Sunday night

Well Its Sunday night again, the weekend went by so quick. Saturday I went to my job #2 and it was slow going. In the future I should just get in and get out. And don't fuck around. Probably the way forward.
Tuesday the 15th I have to go up to New Hampshire again and the work starts at 10pm so I will have to go after my 2nd job which is in Wilmington (on the way to NH).
Tonight I was getting some serious Chinese food cravings so I deposited my check (from 2 Fridays ago), got some cash, and got some Chinese. I got Chicken Egg Foo Young with White rice. Ashley got combo #21 which was ??? I can't remember.

Stuff filled me up good!

I am still full and this was about 4 hours ago when I ate the stuff.

Back to work tomorrow, it has been windy as hell but today was nice, The wind has blown all the leaves off all the trees so now it looks like winter.

Ashley is watching the Dallas Reunion on TV. We were both talking about our favorite 80's shows. I remembered the ones I loved most:

The A Team
Magnum P.I.
Miami Vice


Countless others

Now its late and I am thinking about laying down for the night.



Before the link disappears check this:

New Cross.mp3

Its a pretty good mellow song.



Did I mention, today was windy!? Anyway I decided to do my job#2 Friday portion tomorrow. Nice to have a night in every once in a while. Watch reruns of one of my favorite shows "Fear Factor" and I can't wait to go to bed tonight! We got an electric blanket with DUAL control cause we can never agree to the right temperature, I may like it hot while she likes it cold. So That is going to be nice. I will only have a heater running for Daniella and no heater in the bedroom. (It may get down to 20º F [-6.67º C] in the next few nights)

So just chillin' to some good music now. Then I am going to pour myself a nice glass of Cranberry juice and watch some TV in the bedroom (More "Fear Factor" - Or maybe "The world's wildest police chases" Yes! Then sleep in tomorrow until... 8 or even maybe 9! Sweet!

Coffee rules!

Upped my dosage to 2 cups a day, leaving out the cream and sugar now. Today is windy as hell blowing shit all over the place. I parked my car here at work and moved it cause debris was bombarding it like a freaking asteroid storm in Star Wars.

Lost power at work this morning. I have to go and pick up the Subaru and since the first estimate, the cost has jumped from $1650 to $2100 cause I need new brakes and new tires.

Will try and keep this up to date more often. Been busy with job #2 though.


Tired as hell

Stayed up late as hell last night trying to see who would win the election. I should have went to bed early, but anyway, I am now straining on coffee and sugar for my energy. They have the heat turned up hot as hell here at work. And I have to report to job #2 at 6pm tonight and probably work until 10-11pm.

Looks like its coffee for dinner then.