Shit Happens

Yes that is the same kind of car I drive for work and yes it is even the same exact color, but no it is not my work car.

Here it is midnight and I just now got done with my work again. Daniella is going to bed at 10 pm still so its at that time when I can start my paperwork.

Gawkers at the accident scene.


The will to excess

One of the many things wrong with this country is when you can allow greedy fat fuckers to pay poor Mexican immigrants $6 per hour to perform hard back-breaking manual labor building houses in Franklin, TN that these same corporate fat fucks turn around and sell for $800,000 to White-washed America. People who have grown up with silver spoons in their mouths, and whose kids will, and are growing up with silver spoons in their mouths. White people whose well stocked pantries have more square footage than some people's bedrooms. There is something completely wrong with the fact that these white people have only been fortunate enough to have been born in to the right family.

America is increasingly being filled with the same clone drone identical shops, stores, layouts for strip malls. The exact same cardboard cut out neighborhoods. The same fake roundabouts. The same gigantic houses with the same air conditioners that suck up so much of the city's electricity. The same GMC Yukon's and the same Ford Expedition's parked in the same exact driveways. America is a nation of giants. Gigantic people, gigantic vehicles, gigantic houses. Houses that are sufficient enough for 12 people to dwell in, when in fact there are only 4 people living there. The same rich, whitewashed family of 4. Enough food in these houses to feed an entire village in Africa. Enough food in the trash bins of these houses to feed some villages in Africa. Just one of these gigantic SUV's waste the equivalent amount of fuel to power 4 generators for 8 hours. And the saddest part of it is, this scene is being copied all over the country.

At the end of the day, the Mexicans go home to their apartments. Their small rented houses. They don't get new roads. They don't even have cars. They get to ride in the back of a pickup truck with shovels, hammers, nails, cement. The fat, white corporate fuckers don't even go outside in the 100 degree heat. America has become a place for people to be excessive. There is so much waste in this country it fucking makes me sick. And I am not just ranting about people who are rich. I am ranting about people who waste. Even if you are rich, there is no need for anyone to waste so much space and energy, regardless of whether or not you can afford to pay for it. Thats where the Pro SUV crowd get it wrong every time. It doesn't matter if you are able to pay for it, it matters if you need it or not. Why wastesomeone else's gas?

Inconsiderate fucker

As mentioned previously on this blog, one of my biggest complaints is when inconsiderate fuckers pour out their sugary soda onto the parking spot right out their car's doors. This is an example of such rudeness. I saw this at the Kangaroo Station in Murfreesboro. (Uploaded to Flickr) So the next person (me) gets the pleasure of treading in this shit. Since the inconsiderate fuckers just pour it out right at the door, and are probably too fat and lazy to get up and, god forbid, pour it in the grass or just simply throw the cup away in the trash can, it is poured at the exact spot I step into when exiting my car.

Thanks fuckers!


Posting from Phat Bites

Ate dinner here, after the meeting at work. I am now posting this from their dining room cause they have free wifi. The place is awesome. Good food and atmosphere. I wrote about them back here.

The Elegant Universe

I long ago got this book in the store (2002) and PBS aired a series based on the book. It is an excellent series. I just found it online, all the episodes and chapters.

Check it out, you need QT or RP to play it. (Quicktime is far superior to Real)

Interactive videos, watch them all when you have time.


Scruncher vs. Folder

As discussed on the DSC, There is a worldwide vote over at scruncherorfolder.com

It started out as a yanks vs. Brits segment, but as the site shows, there is no real correlation between Yanks, vs Brits, and scrunching vs folding.

Flickr playing up

Flickr is playing up so some of my photos may not be viewable.

Still in the process of writing a short story, the process is slow, and I am done with a chapter but I want to fine tune it, make it better before publishing anything.

So be patient. These things take time. Basically I want a story that will take the average person to 30 minutes to read. This may take longer than I thought.

I may publish it in chapters at a time. I don't know yet.


Driving again

In my job, I drive around every single day. I drive about 100-200 miles per day. So I get to look at a lot of interesting scenery. I really like the first few photos.

Truly odd Bilboard, that is just in your face and done in bad taste in my opinion.

The reverse, done in better taste.

The most exciting thing about Scottsville, KY WOW!


Iowa at sunset

Decided to not be a dork. I own the rights to this photo by the way. I took it driving South on I-29 in Iowa in early April 1999. I was going about 70, rolled down the passenger window and took it.

Turned out great even though the lens was only 28mm.

An Injury

In my attempt to document the injury I took several photos. I was trying to shove the foam cushion provided by Sampsonite (the case used for my laptop) into my backpack. I shoved my hand right in where on the other compartment was a plastic folder. The edge of which went straight in between my thumbnail and the flesh of my thumb, shooting pain directly to my brain. I just thought it was a minor thing yes it did hurt, fuck it hurt very badly. So I look at it and sure enough there is blood collecting in the fingernail. Its a ritual now that I play with Daniella until she says she wants to lay down. Then I take Buttons and my computer and back pack etc. upstairs to work while she goes to sleep. I was in the process of gathering up everything when this happened, so I wasn't allowed to swear or even shout. Cause Daniella said she was ready for bed. I can type using my thumb now though, When I first started doing my work, I couldn't it sucks, cause its just a dull pain now.

The pictures turned out kinda cool. You can see the outline of the energy efficient lighting I have. Thinking about it now though, I should have placed my hand on the desk and shone the light from above. And then took the picture.

Sunday Night

It seems like there was actually no weekend. Having worked Saturday. And now it looks like tomorrow will be a full day. I can't complain though. I at least have a job.

I am now typing this on the laptop you see pictured above. This is my upstairs workstation -its messy but I have been so busy lately to tidy up in this room. So I am writing pictures to a CD on the desktop, while writing this on my laptop. I like to multitask when I work on weeknights. I usually do my work (for work) on my laptop, connecting my HP1160 to the laptop behind the desk, and at the same time while waiting for various things to download for work etc. I like to go on my boards and do podcasts, get podcasts etc. On the desktop. So no one computer ever really gets bogged down. Like now. I am writing this on the laptop while writing photos to a CD on the desktop and also DL'ing podcasts. If I had tried to do all of them on one machine, they would probably bog down. (maybe not though) but anyway, as this laptop is a work laptop, I like to do the work on here and then do personal things on the desktop. Its an OK setup and it works. I really need to get a comfortable desk chair though. I did have one in Massachusetts, but we couldn't take it in the move. So it had to be left.

All 3 machines in the house are wireless so if something goes wonky with my router I am fucked.


Newest Avatar

This picture was taken in Sept. 2001. In the town of Wheeling, WV. I thought the mural on the wall behind me was cool, so I had my picture taken. Note the gas price


Pet Peeves

People who know me know I like to complain a lot. Its kind of a motif. Today I am going to talk about more things that get on my nerves.

First, some people when they decide they don't want to drink soda anymore from their fast food cups (which are getting massively bigger and bigger - a rant for another day) they think its ok to just dump the excess fluid onto the pavement, wherever they are. Be it a parking lot or a sidewalk. I have noticed this is more prevalent here in the south. A lot of times this means pouring out soda onto the parking spot, right where one would enter and exit a vehicle. So the next person to drive into that parking spot treads right in a sticky mess. This is one of my pet peeves, along with people littering in general.

Off into a tangent, Soda has so much sugar in it -its ghastly. I only drink unsweet brewed tea, or water. Down here they have sweet tea and I have gotten this drink on occasion by accident due to an incompetent waiter or waitress. Its so bad I take one sip and almost choke. You can't even really taste the tea, all you taste is sugar. Sugar water. It is disgusting. And people actually drink this stuff. My wife's family like it and I enquired once as to the sugar content. They said they sometimes put a cup of sugar in 2 quarts of tea. Let me put this into perspective. One cup of sugar is equal to 236.5882 cubic centimeters. 2 quarts is equal to 1892.706 cubic centimeters. So you take 236.5882/1892.706 and you get .1249997 so you are looking at 12.5% total volume of sugar to tea, all just to sweeten it. This is very bad. Most people who make this sweet tea use one cup for 2 quarts.

I was in the dentist's office back in 1997 and they had a display on sodas. Showing how much sugar is in each soda can. Now in America, they use HFCS, High fructose corn syrup for everything. (just look at the package label of virtually all food products you buy in America now).

So anyway I seem to have gotten off into another tangent here. And that is how America is going down hill in the obesity epidemic. Will have to write more about this later.


Darkness descends

I got off work early today for a change. The weather has been nice in the last two days. Not as much humidity - not even enough to prevent static electricity from shocking me upon exiting the car. So in that tradeoff, I get comfortable warm sunny weather. I'll take that.

I didn't have much to do in the way of work today. Yesterday I had a very bad day. I went off and left my laptop's power cord at home. So I was sweating bullets for the last 12 minutes of battery time. Today was much better. Being casual Friday, I wore some jeans and one of my nicer shirts.

I had some time in between my calls and my attempt to get into my second call early was in vain. So I stopped at some shops looking for a badge clip and a new toner cartridge for my printer. I first went to Wal Mart since they seem to have a monopoly on everything in the area. I searched and searched. I finally found an empty spot for an item marked "Badge Clip" priced $1.50 So I just wasted 10 minutes there. Went next to Best Buy (another corporate stranglehold company) and found my toner cartridge. It was a nice hefty $79. So after having bought one of those, I stopped in a Target. You seem to get less white trash types in Target than you do in Wal Mart. So I looked around. Saw two twenty-something guys horsing around with some price guns. I stopped to ask them if they carried badge clips.
They said "Uhhhh. No."

I then wandered the store aimlessly I felt like a zombie walking around. I then thought to myself "hey what is it that I want" I walked to the camping section to look for GPSes. They are coming down in price but the best one they had was the Garmin Etrex series. And I at least wanted the Garmin GPS V. The store's security staff must have been on their toes when following me around with their cameras. I had no logical pattern or method of browsing the store. (like I said, just wandering around). I then thought to myself "I gotta get the fuck outta here!" So I made a beeline for the exit, not running of course. I am sure that had security panicking heh..

Anyway, after that I saw a soccer store. I stopped in and had a look. Now I know where to get my soccer gear.

My second call was at two PM and I got done with that in an hour. So I head home. Been vegging out since then. Doing occasional work here and there.

Ashley''s cousin is in the hospital tonight being induced into labor. I would have gone into the hospital, but it is uncertain when I would have come back. And I do have to work tomorrow.

So I was sitting here and the sun was setting, and now its almost completely dark. You can see my current state in this photo:

Will get on to writing more often.


New Pictures loaded on Flickr

Been rummaging through old pictures and I am in the process of putting them up on Flickr.

taken from 1996-2002


New Hiphop podcast

A New hip hop podcast episode was released. Its so refreshing to hear some hip hop that is not dirty south shit. Those high and fast beats. That shit seems to be constantly dominating into mainstream lately.

East coast - thats much better quality shit in my opinion. I am sick of hearing the same old shit like "Lean wit it" and "Ridin' dirty" "What you know about that" and all that bullshit.

#60 még_több_ember_a_helyeken




An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth

Just been to see this movie. Everyone who reads this post on this page - if you haven't gone to see this movie something is wrong with you.

Find a Theater and go see it.