The Underground Peoplemover to the International Terminal

Looking for something good in my photos to blog about but didn't have the patience to do so. So I looked in my contacts. SIC does excellent work and I hope in time I can be as half as talented.

A very pretty picture with a not so pretty story. Why is it that every time I am forced to use a public toilet I run into this scenario:

The place is deserted, I go in with the intention to get my business done as quickly as possible.
15 seconds later, it becomes Grand Central-fucking-Station. With shedloads of guys coming in demanding to use the toilet. It never fails. It happens this time all the time!

And another pet peeve of mine, is when I am taking a piss and some asshole decides to - while standing at the urinal, clear his throat getting boogers and lugeys from deep within the back of his throat, and bring them up and spit them out into the urinal. What would posses these disgusting men to do this? Why specifically at the urinal? I see this all the time. I wonder if its just a redneck thing. Its vile and disgusting. These men are of a different species. They are Troglodytes.

Late Morning

Me with glasses, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Had a bit of time this morning to lounge and chill. Watched a few DVR'd episodes and then left the house at 12 PM Still managed to work for 9 hours today though.


A New Era

Illuminated by street lighting, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

I am the proud new owner of a Nikon D40. My first DSLR. I LOVE IT and will be taking some classes. This one, I was playing around with it. I still am using the point and shoot mode, but I want to use it to its full potential.

In this one, I set it up using a tripod, and canceled the flash. This was illuminated by street lighting only. Exposure was 6 seconds.


Served since childbirth

Its quite sad to see people waste their entire short precious lives worrying about whether or not they are going to go to heaven or whether they are going to be tortured forever in hell.

From the BBC:

TV evangelist Messner dies at 65
Former US TV evangelist Tammy Faye Messner has died aged 65 near Kansas City after a long battle with cancer.

Messner became a household name in the US in the 1980s as Tammy Faye Bakker, the wife of preacher Jim Bakker.

Her tearful nationally-televised pleas for money and souls helped turn the Praise The Lord (PTL) network into a multi-million dollar business.

Yes, thats it. God wants you to give till it hurts. I think its a good idea to yank all § 501 c. status of all churches. Force them to compete for money like any other business.

"She is now in heaven with her mother and grandmother and Jesus Christ, the one who she loves and has served from childbirth," he said.

hmm thats odd, someone "serving" Jesus since childbirth? I didn't know any child who could serve anyone as they are born. This says a lot about childhood indoctrination. What if she had been born in China, or in Afghanistan? It is a common belief of theists that you don't have any say in where you were born, so if there is an omniscient and omnipotent God out there and Christianity is right and Islam is wrong, why would he allow her (if she had been born) or anyone to be born into Afghanistan to Afghanistan parents? To live her life in a war-torn country - with a very low life expectancy?

Cause it makes God happy to see suffering? If not why doesn't he put a stop to it?

a famine stricken Sudanese child trying to reach food. Behind her is a vulture waiting for her to die so it can feed upon her.

a communist guerrilla being executed in a Saigon street during the Vietnam War

Disconnection Notice

Excellent track - purchased illegitimately through iTunes. I bought a few more too, Look at my last.fm page to see what I am listening to.


Funny Painting I found

Incredible painting. Very humorous.

Back Peddling

Bill Oreilly using his best defense, which is to talk over an opponent and not allow Richard Dawkins to speak or get a word in edgewise. Reichard Dawkins handed Bill Oreilly his ass and he was in full panic mode.

(note smart ass jokes, the talking over, and the refusal to address Richard Dawkins directly)

Natural Selection

Yukon_Territory, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Anyone who denies Natural Selection (i.e. creationists) are doing so while Natural Selection is staring them in the face.

How many times do you hear about people getting flu shots annually because the influenza virus has mutated and adapted to our antibodies? How many times have you heard of a parent washing their poor kids' heads in an anti lice shampoo, only to have those lice be impervious to the chemical, due to Natural Selection? In only a few generations, these organisms have adapted and overcame.

Every single day, bacteria and single cell organisms become resistant to drugs and antibodies, this is a clear example of natural selection and evolution right in front of the creationists' noses.

Then of course you get these "Intelligent Design" People who claim "god" planted the seeds of life, and then put his feet up and watched evolution take place on Earth.

Bullcrapola IMO. Its just clear examples of back peddling and apologist crapola.


Too Much Bullshit

At home I use DSL. What at one point was AT & T that had been broken up by the government for being a monopoly, turning it into Bell South (Verizon, Bell Atlantic etc etc) and now has become A T & T again, forces us to have a land line so we can use DSL. I don't really mind this as my Sat box has to dial out each morning. Fine.

They said the Land line is $13 which is nothing at all, fine. What really gets me is the excessive BULLSHIT the govt tacks on. What the fuck is a "FCC authorized charge for network access"? What the fucking fuck!

Its not even really that much, ($24.37) but it pisses me off when I pay 47% of the actual cost of having a dialtone to BULLSHIT. Who gets this money?!?!



Real sign, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

The ultimate redneck sign. Captured today in redneckville. See the flickr page for the actual location. Best viewed zoomed in (on the flickr page)

Interesting gas pump

Interesting gas pump, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

I see some interesting stuff in my job, on a daily basis. This was from Friday. Look at the next update for more evidence.


5-0 on my ass!

5-0 on my ass!, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

An oldie, I want to resurrect.

Blue cracks

Blue cracks, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Part of my submission to the 07_07_07 project.



100_3971, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Hot, muggy and hot.

Happy 4th of July