The Enemies of Reason

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Sigh of Relief

IMSA, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

I took this exam back on 14 May and the guy finally calls me up yesterday and says "yeah we have the results." ...... Heart pounding..

I say "Yeah..."

He says "And yeah, you passed."

I say ok great (wiping sweat from my forehead).

He says "We will mail them to you."

Great I am thinking. After all this time of hanging on my seat waiting for the results - my company paid $500 for me to take the course and we spent $1250 for me to go down there. I would be very disappointed if I had failed. However - I knew I couldn't have done too bad. I used tried and tested study techniques. Glad to have crossed this hurdle.



Corn (1), originally uploaded by Chris1051.

found next to a BP station

Do not visit Huntsville, TN

TheCross (1), originally uploaded by Chris1051.

This town had a cross mounted to a shopping center in between a subway and a video rental store but I wasn't fast enough with the camera. Also had loads of "Jesus is coming, R U ready?" signs but still wasn't fast enough. This town has serious issues! I recommend not visiting Huntsville, TN - unless you are a white, southern, christian.


Glasser, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

I really like the pou-of-the-box backgrounds and themes

RSS out of the box

RSS out of the box, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

One of my favorite - out-of-the-box applications - the feed reader. Until they (mozilla) sort out the mobile version of firefox - google reader is not as good as it could be for now in the current browser. This one is good. No bugs to report.

Flickr on the N810

Flickr on the N810, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

What I have been doing lately is uploading the screenshots directly from the N810 to flickr and editing them etc also from the device.

Google Reader on the N810

Google Reader on the N810, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Something is up with the page rendering of Google reader cause you have to use full screen to get a scroll on the feeds.

OHX Radar

OHX Radar, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

I like how I can be sitting in bed and a thunderstorm/tornado comes rolling through and I can pull this thing out and look at the current radar - using my wifi. No need to worry about power outages (for 30 minutes anyway) cause I have a APC UPS - and plugged in to it are my DSL modem, the D link Wireless router and my desktop (sans monitor) which last about 30 minutes when the power goes out. Most of the time with our lame ass power company - the power goes out for 1-5 seconds and is restored. No reason, not even bad weather. It has happened on sunny days for no apparent reason.


OK I posted a comment and now it got lost into the bowels of engadget. So Ill re-post it here.

Well I have the EnV2 (LG VX9100M) cause I didnt want to pay for a data plan, and also I am tied to Verizon (family/work etc) - It has some annoying UI problems but its great for texting. Verizon handset lineup sucks a dirty wet gym sock but their customer service is tops for sure. I HATE the fact that I can't have a Nokia handset from them (WTF is up with that??!?!).

I use the Nokia N810 for "smart phone" uses and although I drool at things like the E71 The EnV2 serves my needs just fine. I HATE the fact that Verizon (and others) - when after raping you financially having already bought the handset and the monthly service, rapes you again when wanting to use simple features (from email to vz navigator to ringtones to web usage and their joke that is V cast or other mobile equivalent)

George Carlin will be missed

My favorite quote:

"When it comes to bullshit, big time, major league bullshit, you have to stand in awe of the all-time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims, religion. No contest. No contest. Religion. Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told. Think about it. Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do every minute of the day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry for ever and ever 'til the end of time!

But He loves you!"


New Software

screenshot2008.06.24.2228, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Thanks to engadget I upgraded my software to the latest version. Now I still had to flash the device which pisses me off, but they say this is the last release in which you will have to do such a thing. I am glad :)

One minor bug I came across is when I clicked on the omweather settings, it wipes out all my applets!! WTF!!!?

Other than that, I can shift cities and update the weather with out any harm to the applets.

time is going quick

damn its already 10PM! hell!

My iPod is syncing and my N810 is charging I figure Id spend some more time over at Volconvo. Lots of funny stuff over there.

Volconvo Debate Forums - Political, religious and news-based topics

We need solutions

062408_LasVegasEnergy1, originally uploaded by Barack Obama.

Obama seems to be hitting a home run with his energy plan. The right has been mum on the subject. I like McCain and all, I think its cool that a former POW is even up for the job, but he would tow the party line - we just need solutions to the energy crisis. Obama Has them.


I'll have the Samuel Jackson

Boston 011, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Just trying to resurrect some old photos.

So many pictures

Jellyfish4, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

No one is looking at my pictures. :(

Lots to see. Go there and use it as a time waster.




Holy diabetic's worst nightmare Batman!

.5 USG = 1.89 L, 64 US oz., 66.6 Imperial oz.,

according to Calorie Count :

100 KCal per 8 US fl oz. , so MEGA JUG has 800 KCal

27g of sugar per 8 US fl oz. , so MEGA JUG has 216 g of sugar! or 72% of your Daily allowance as recommended by the govt. Or .476 Lbs of sugar thats HALF A POUND OF SUGAR!

In one FUCKING drink!

holy shit


Roadside beauty photos added

Added some more photos to the Roadside Beauty Set. More to be added tomorrow.

Made a trip to Monteagle, TN. Took this snap in the median at I-24 exit 135.

Lavender_Flower (1)

Took this one at the I-440 I-65 interchange.

GenuineBumbleBee (4)

And I wish I had my camera set to a faster speed than 1/2500 on this one.

GenuineBumbleBee (10)

The wings arent totally clear. Oh well Still a great photo in my opinion. The Bumble bee ones can be seen really well in full view. (original size)

Coop's driver is a twat

Coop's driver is a twat, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

I was driving at 80 - a rare thing now a days, cause of the high cost of gas. Anyway, this useless skinbag started tailgating me so I got over and then the twat passed me. I couldn't make out who was driving but there was a female passenger. I then notice the license plate and its a special license plate (for whatever reason, maybe its to get out of being ticketed - I guess being a State House member has its privileges. Upon some digging. Ill bet it was this person's car. as thats the only Cooper in the TN house. Whoever she had driving her around she needs to teach that fucker how to drive. Or I guess it doesn't matter when you are immune from receiving a ticket. Anyway, click on the photo and click on "all sizes" and look at the original size for full license plate goodness. Or just click here.

Fucking cunts

Firefox 3

Download Day

10:00 PDT or 17:00 UTC


Tonight's Listening: Ambient

MIX@TILOS 2006. 04. 26.


|01. Lomov: Vrotil (Complementary Distribution) |
|02. On_14: Aqua (Complementary Distribution) |
|03. Vladislav Delay: Ele I. (Mille Plateaux) |
|04. Dia: Elated (Complementary Distribution) |
|05. Ten And Tracer: A Man Dressed As Wolf Standing In Front Of A Canoe (Bitlab) |
|06. Xrc: Április 6. (Complementary Distribution) |
|07. Soutien Gorge: L'étoiles Souriantes (Bitlab) |
|08. AGF: Liniendicke (Orthlorng Musork) |
|09. Strategy: The Sea Is So Cold /Soutien Gorge Remix/ (Bitlab) |
|10. Cooler: Pavement Picnic (U-Cover CDr Limited) |
|11. Boc Scadet: Falling Foals (Bitlab) |
|12. Aphex Twin: Rhubarb (Warp) |
|13. Miles Tilmann: Stairs To Snow (Bitlab) |
|14. Soutien Gorge: Ende (2063music.de)


Murder Rates : Quick Math

USA: (2005) 16,692 Murders / 296,507,061 (est 2005 Population) = 0.0000562954553%

England + Wales: (2006) 839 Murders / 53,728,800 (2006 Est Population) = 0.00001561546135%

IODA Promonet

OK I tried to sign up for this, but apparently they have to review the site. So I am going to make my top post about IODA promonet.

I was listening to the iPod on shuffle and this song came up. Thought I would share (pre-Promonet) via YT.

Great lyrics.


Sick Fuck


I don't know what would posses someone to stalk and harm a child. But I hope they catch this sick fuck. Video can be seen at Newschannel5's site (Link)

Suspected Flasher Pursued 4-Year-Old In Store

Posted: June 10, 2008 10:22 PM

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Metro police said a man flashed a 4-year-old girl at a Rivergate store.

Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron said he pursued the child as she shopped with her grandmother at the Rivergate Wal-Mart, 2232 N. Gallatin Pike. The incident happened around 7 p.m. on May 31.

"They were essentially being stalked by a man as they made their way through the store," he said.

Surveillance video showed the man walking through the store.

Out of the camera's view, Aaron said, "At that point, the man who had been following them in the store pulled down his shorts -- or opened his shorts -- and exposed his genitals to the girl. Smiling at her."

Police said the middle-aged man has either a bald or shaved head.

"What we're concerned about is if he was brazen enough to go into a public store -- a lot of people in there on a Saturday night -- and expose himself to a young child in a merchandise aisle, what's he going to do next? What child could be his next victim?" Aaron said.

Police said Wal-Mart security is putting out the all-call to stores in the area to warn them of the suspicious man.

The police department's Sex Crimes Unit wants to hear from anyone who thinks they know who he is to call 862-7540 or Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.


Gas Prices

Gas Prices, originally uploaded by micah.d.

Around the world

A bit interesting (as of March 2005 - old data wtf)

Netherlands Amsterdam $6.48
Norway Oslo $6.27
Italy Milan $5.96
Denmark Copenhagen $5.93
Belgium Brussels $5.91
Sweden Stockholm $5.80
United Kingdom London $5.79
Germany Frankfurt $5.57
France Paris $5.54
Portugal Lisbon $5.35
Hungary Budapest $4.94
Luxembourg $4.82
Croatia Zagreb $4.81
Ireland Dublin $4.78
Switzerland Geneva $4.74
Spain Madrid $4.55
Japan Tokyo $4.24
Czech Republic Prague $4.19
Romania Bucharest $4.09
Andorra $4.08
Estonia Tallinn $3.62
Bulgaria Sofia $3.52
Brazil Brasilia $3.12
Cuba Havana $3.03
Taiwan Taipei $2.84
Lebanon Beirut $2.63
South Africa Johannesburg $2.62
Nicaragua Managua $2.61
Panama Panama City $2.19
Russia Moscow $2.10
Puerto Rico San Juan $1.74
Saudi Arabia Riyadh $0.91
Kuwait Kuwait City $0.78
Egypt Cairo $0.65
Nigeria Lagos $0.38
Venezuela Caracas $0.12

Equal time

Equal time, originally uploaded by billyverde.

Many thanks to billyverde for the recent uploads to the Bible Belt group. With some very enjoyable and hilarious flickr tags.


Three reasons to not vote for McCain

Reason #1: He says its ok if we stay in Iraq for 100 years.

Reason #2: He wants to bomb Iran.

Reason #3: (which pales in insignificance to the previous 2) He says the solution to the problem of high Gas prices is to eliminate the Federal gas tax ($0.184 per gallon) Which -in some places in San Diego- is only 3.8% of the cost of a gallon of gas.

Just the beginning of the election season.


Crayfish Sighting

CrayfishSighting (3), originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Went out tonight armed with my camera (flash) and a flashlight. The crayfish like to come out at night (burrow maintenance and also probably to eat. I made a set in flickr of all the crayfish burrows and some snaps of the crayfish. There are at least 5 of them. I went to the 5 holes and saw 5 different crayfish.


96DegF, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

35.5 Deg C

Oh Yes it was hot today

DriveBack (8), originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Best Rural Photo today

DriveBack (4), originally uploaded by Chris1051.




Humorous Pictures
more cat pictures


Loving ShoZu

downsized_0606081813, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Saw these on the side of the road and had to take a photo.


History before our eyes

IMG_1683.jpg, originally uploaded by Barack Obama.

Hillary could have been more gracious. I am hoping he will choose someone like Edwards for VP.


Update post

Been pretty busy doing "stuff" for work and all. Havent uploaded to flickr for a while until tonight.

Well I decided to get a new personal cell phone. I started off with the LG VX 8350:


I thought I would do fine with this. And it was ok. I - being the geek that I am immediately started to try and set up bluetooth to communicate with my N810. And it fails. I also find out that after texting with it that the UI is incredibly cumbersome. Reminiscent of the old LG that I used to have. (not a fan of LG) anyway I end up taking this bad boy back. I was not too disappointed with it, but felt I should replace it while I could. 3 days after the purchase.

So I got this thing, which is the LG VX9100M (sorry these are not great pictures)

ChargingDevices (1)

ChargingDevices (2)

Great UI (I do have to get used to the Nokia-esque joystick if you will, its a little different. but I am happy with it.

The Crayfish has been making more and more burrows in my backyard. There is a whole set of these on flickr that are adjacent to this one:

Crayfish (3)

And on Sat night, there was a hellacious storm that blew through. The lightning was incredible. The strike rate was about 12-15 per second. And the storm front captured in this photo
was moving at a high rate of speed. it was something incredible like 30 m/s! I saw this incredible lightning and so I got the tripod, turned out all the lights, and tried some different exposures using my remote. The damned street lighting fuqued up the effect I was trying to create. I was also trying to get a lightning strike. No such luck. Nevertheless there was a whole shitpile of lightning that night.

as an aside, if you are in Nashville I recommend Gigi's cupcakes.

GiGisCupcakes (3)

These things were damn delicious. They only shifted cause I was driving them home - and it was hot in the truck.

GiGisCupcakes (2)

Trying to get a good N810 screenshot - format.

N810Screenshot21MAY08 (1)

Lastly and most importantly, I am a proud papa. My daughter Daniella can write her own name. She is only 3.8 years old.

DaniellaWriting (2)

My new policy on Twitter, is follow a whole shitpile of people especially in Nashville and turn device updates off except the inner circle. (I dont want a new text message every 3 seconds) and act as a public service. Today I saw those sneaky fuckers Metro Nashville police lining the pockets of the govt. by stopping cars on D.B. Todd. They had one guy on foot, with a radar gun hiding behind the bushes with a radio. He would radio to 3 unmarked Impalas down the road to wave people to the side streets to ticket them. Bastards! They pulled this shit on Rosa Parks near Bicentennial Mall too. So I tweeted about it, telling people of the speed trap. Hopefully it did some good.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Now tired. Busy. Will be going to bed after my scrobbles and the iPod sync. No storms tonight but humid as hell. Lets see how this summer is going to shape up to be.