Court TV

I love court TV but lately it has been getting nauseating. And the news as well. Back in the middle of July, I was watching a bit of MSNBC and they abruptly cut off Tony Blair talking about the London attacks to bring the story of that missing girl in Aruba. Is it just me or is the media taking too much time covering this story? I seem to be reminded of Jonbenet and Elizabeth Smart. Young kids get kidnapped and killed every single day. You never hear about a black kid. Its always these rich, blonde, cutesy kids. The Elizabeth Smart thing was a prime example. I don't exactly remember but didn't we all come to the conclusion that it was the fault of the mother? They even made a made-for-tv movie about it for chrissakes! (as well as made one about Jonbenet and wasn't that also the parent's fault?)

What the fuck is going on with the media? This girl was kidnapped, yeah. Why the fuck should I care that they are using sonar to locate her on the island. People are freaking dying in the world. Forgive me for my insensitivity but at the most she was just a rich bitch who got herself kilt.

I am especially sick of seeing it dramatized on Court TV

"Natalie Halloway Kidnapping! Day 79!!! New evidence, Radar and sonar searches of the entire island!!! Exclusive!!!"

Gag me already.

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