New Av

Its been so hectic lately. I have been back in TN since 5th May and I am just getting used to working in this new job and its great. But what is hard is money management. We have so many freaking bills its bullshit. But anyway, I am using the above image as my new av I found on Cloneshit.hu Its hilarious. It looks like someone manipulated a sign in a customs or ticketing area somewhere -like a train station.

Its great how I can work from home and also how each day is different. Like tomorrow for example. My morning Appt. Cancelled so I basically just have a 2pm and a 530pm.


Zsolt said...

actually, its from an old navigation table or what (you know those tables where locations are listed and shows how far are they from the table's position), and it was originally "RENDŐRSÉG", which means police station in hungarian.

the pictogram on the right was a policeman

Chris said...

Very cool. Thanks.