Getta getta Garmin!

New Toy - Screen, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

I am so excited about this. I used to use the Garmin GPS V at Vaisala. It was great. This new unit is so user friendly, almost too user friendly. I love it. It couldn't be easier. It also gets a signal from inside a house.

I have been playing around with the storage capacity of it, been putting some of Daniella's photos on it. Since I have the iPod I probably won't put any music on it but I may use it for podcasts.

Great device!

It came down to this or the Tom Tom and I know I wanted either but I felt this one was the one I wanted. They were very similar in size and features.

Truly awesome. I can't wait to get to work tomorrow. (really)

This week is going to be a hellish week and its going to be busy no doubt.

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