I have given up RF Transmissions

I used to use an RF transmitter as my in car solution for the iPod. I first dropped $30 for an irock

Yet this thing, in Boston, sucked. It only had 4 frequencies to choose from (88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7) and in Boston ALL of those frequencies are used by either college radio or NPR. So I bought the next best thing. A Belkin TuneCast II ($30) with selectable frequencies. But this thing didn't come with an car adapter so its only power came from batteries making the signal weak as hell. That weak ass shit wasn't even strong enough to break through weaker spots on the dial like 89.5 coming out of New Hampshire. I search the dial and EVERY frequency is used up in Boston. From 87.7 to 107.9 Every single one. I since move here to Nashville and try the stations down here. The same thing. Although some are very weak, the TuneCast II is not strong enough even using the recently bought Belkin F8V7067APL power cord ($20) for it. I am able to use this for power to the iPod (rock on!) But my audio sucks. So we fast forward to Saturday 28 May. I buy a Belkin tape adapter ($20) and it works beautifully. Now I have a means of power to the iPod and also a good sound for my car. Now I have 2 useless pieces of crap that served me well, but I think would only benefit people who live in Bumville, Arkansas or whatever. But when you think about it, I recently tried to use these products in a road trip from Texas back here. They would work beautifully through rural areas ... Until you get some guy on the radio (Usually at 88.5) screaming in my ear about how I am going to burn in hell and how he can better heal people for a small donation. (the bible belt cracks me up) So anyway I am trying to sell both the irock (which worked better but had less choices) AND trying to sell the Tunecast II Both have served me well, and am willing to offer a special deal.

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