My music likes / dislikes

Its all very simple.

I like all forms of music, I discovered this today while I was driving to my dentist's appointment listening to 91.1 FM. I like all forms rock. I don't like some classic rock, like that stupid ass live concert song that seems to go on and on and on for 10+ minutes, and that stupid ass Bye bye Miss American Pie bullshit. I do like metal, and alternative etc.

Like all forms of rap EXCEPT that stupid shitty dirty south bullshit. I cannot fucking stand that shit. East coast and west coast and midwest rap is fine. But that stupid same old ass high beats and stupid repetitive lyrics are really annoying. You know the type, like the music featured in the film "Hustle and Flow" That shit is stupid as hell.

OK now that I have said my piece regarding rap, I will mildly say that I can't really listen to country either. Never really liked it. I can't help but wanting to puke when I hear a song like "Redneck yacht club" ANd I bet you are probably thinking "well if you don't like it, don't listen to it." Nice but sometimes I am forced to listen to it because of the people in the office listening to it.

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