I don't give a fuck about your carpet cleaning

Listen cunts. Whatever robot or program you have running to post comments on my blog, kill it now. I hate getting emails showing a new comment that I can't find.

I got a nice website to give you some ideas of what you are serving on a daily basis.

Quit spamming me you cunts! I am not even in Texas, and Even if I was I wouldn't use your stupid service. So lick my gooch!

Look at this unprofessional website.

Here is the big deal, I am getting a shitload of comments posted on this blog they are all the exact same thing from some ad bot. Example in my inbox:

plano carpet cleaning » [|Chris|] 11/02/2005 07:02:43
carpet cleaning allen » [|Chris|] 11/01/2005 05:31:00
frisco carpet cleaning » [|Chris|] 10/31/2005 20:45:33
dallas carpet cleaning » [|Chris|] 10/30/2005 19:28:40
carpet cleaning frisco » [|Chris|] 10/29/2005 16:27:35
carpet cleaning frisco » [|Chris|] 10/29/2005 08:32:43
carpet cleaning plano » [|Chris|] 10/28/2005 05:19:50
carpet cleaning frisco » [|Chris|] 10/27/2005 11:24:38
allen carpet cleaning » [|Chris|] 10/27/2005 04:42:10
allen carpet cleaning » [|Chris|] 10/26/2005 06:46:13
Anonymous »[|Chris|] 10/25/2005 22:35:24
plano carpet cleaning » [|Chris|] 10/25/2005 17:42:36
carpet cleaning plano » [|Chris|] 10/24/2005 11:57:15

I cant find them at all.

Here is a copy of the comment:

Hello Chris Im looking for sites with information about carpet cleaning plano and found your site. Even though this post is different than what i was looking for I found it intresting i see why your blog got my attention when i was looking for carpet cleaning plano related blogs I am glad I stopped by even though its not a perfect match Great Post! I enjoyed it Great Read! I have a Carpet Cleaning Company with a pretty good website carpet cleaning plano it has some good information on on carpet stains and pet odor if you ever need some advice on those things.
Thanks again
Sterling Myers

Well Sterling Myers, you can go get fucked. Your website isn't "pretty good" it isn't even good. It sucks ass. Quit spamming me.

2005.11.04 1917 EDIT: Found the post where Sterling Myers is posting his garbage.

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