Bad dog

Well we have been having a bit of a problem with the neighbors dog here. These people leave this dog out 24/7 regardless of the weather. The poor dog is pent up in a cage and has worn down the grass to mud. The dog is covered in mud and it probably gets pissed off. So it howls and barks at all hours of the night. -Very un cool. My wife wrote them a letter and stuck it in their mailbox today:

23 January 2006

Dear Neighbors,

I would like to bring to your attention a situation that is getting somewhat out of hand. For quite a few weeks now your dog has been howling, crying, and barking during the day and throughout the night. We didnĂ‚’t pay much attention to it because we can tell the dog is not very old, so we thought it was possibly a phase that would go away with some attention. However, it has since gotten worse. For the past few nights the dog has whined and barked enough to arouse me, my husband, and my seventeen month old child from sleep multiple times through the night. The dog has even aroused my daughter from her nap time during the day. Very early this morning was a perfect example. We put our daughter to sleep and most of the night was fine. However, the dog started to whine and bark at approximately 4 A.M. and woke all of us up. I got my daughter back to sleep and was almost back to sleep myself and the dog started again Thirty minutes later. This happened again at 5 A.M. until finally my husband and I both put in ear plugs to stop hearing the noise and praying that our daughter would not wake up again. However, as you can imagine, we cannot sleep with ear plugs in every single night due to not being able to hear our daughter if she awakens and needs us. As stated before, she is seventeen months and still needs monitoring through the night.

I am hoping that maybe this is just an oversight for you. Perhaps you did not know the dog was being so bothersome because he is on the opposite end of the house from your bedroom, whereas he is adjacent to our bedroom.

I sincerely hope this note will not cause any ill will between us and bring your attention to a matter that should be taken care of. We are big dog lovers ourselves and have one of our own. Granted, he is an inside dog, but if he were an outside dog and being bothersome, we would want to be told so we could remedy the problem. We hope that this situation can be taken care of within a short amount of time.

She wrote the original letter and this is the finished version -I edited a couple of things. Last night (24th) I heard the dog barking at half past midnight and howling at 2:30 am. We will see what comes of this. EDIT: After the letter was dropped yesterday he moved the dogs pen over to make a new mud spot (see photo taken today). I don't know if this is the result of the letter or just him trying to save his lawn. (dumbass) Photo was taken from my bedroom window to show you how close he is and how much of a nusicance he is at night.

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