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So I am going to update this thing. New Years I did in fact get drunk off my ass. When I was puking from 12:15am to 5 am New Years day all I could think of for some reason was the theme song to Trinity from Adam Curry's Daily Source Code. Since his DSC # 305 was one of the last things I listened to before drinking. I wrote Adam an email telling him this. He mentioned it in Wednesday's DSC # 318 at about 26:18 I know for sure its going to be a long time before I eat Hot wings again. See the group I was with ordered hot wings from Hooters and it was the last thing I ate before downing about 500ml of Grey Goose. So I haven't got the photos from New Years yet but will post some older photos up.

This is me standing in Portage, AK on about 13 July 1997. We stopped here to eat and have a bathroom break since we were riding on the bus from Fairbanks. It was 10 hours to Seward.

This was in 1998 (Summer obviously) up in Ft. Wainwright, AK. I jumped on some random guy's Harley for a photo opportunity.

This is me using my camera's self portrait feature on the deck of the MV Columbia. On or about 1 April 1999. I took the ship from Haines, AK to Bellingham, WA with my car. Cool trip. Loved the ride except for the 1 hour and 45 mins in the Queen Charlotte Sound.

going back in time again. This is back in the July 1997 trip to Seward. This is Exit Glacier just outside of Seward, AK.

A more recent one. My 30th birthday last year.

A more recent one still. Christmas Morning.

Christmas evening. One of my favorite things in the whole world. I missed my coffee and thanks to some generous relatives I can enjoy this now at home. (No Dunkin Donuts here in TN!) :(

So thats about it really. Haven't updated this thing but also wanted to say I was offered the job that I wanted. I start on 20th Feb. So looking for some part time gigs to do until then. I will be heading to Florida shortly after I start. I should have web access for the 10 weeks training I will receive. This is sort of a short update and will try and be more active in the future. Sorry my site sucks :(


Latino Republican said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing.

30 eh?

I am much older and wiser than you....never forget that! ahahahaah!

just playin.

Chris said...

Well you aren't that much older. And you don't look older than 25 ;)

More to come. watch out for the new years photos.