New Job

New job starts on Monday. Will be working here in town for a week and then its off to Florida. I am unsure if I will have internet access during this time. But I hope I do. If I do I will continue to post but if not, well then you will know why I don't post. Will find out the answers next week. Going to have the dog groomed. Will see how that goes as his little patella has been giving him problems lately. Also need to get his shots soon.

the Massachusetts registry of motor vehicles requires that I return my licence plates to them. So this whole troubling process of changing over licence plates is getting to be a pain. I also got my new Tennessee Driving license. The photo is so bullshit its not even funny. They were still using 1995 technology cameras and its utter shite. Anyway I got a new Registration a new insurance and a new license and everything is legal. And it felt sad surrendering my MA DL which I paid $75 for to get a TN DL which I paid $19.50 for. The photo on my MADL was at least good. They fattified my photo on the TNDL.

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