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This is the full image. I took it back in July 1997 when I visited Seward, Alaska. At Exit Glacier there is a hiking trail where you can hike up and view the Harding icefield. I took this when we started to run into some snow. It was a beautiful day. The sun made the air temp to be about 70 degrees F and there was still a couple of feet of snow on the ground. As we neared the top there was probably more snow than just a couple of feet but I had no way of knowing.

Photo #2 then (not an avatar but maybe I'll make it one later) you can see Exit glacier down near the bottom. This is the same glacier that I have a picture of me touching down the page a bit (I think it was a post in Januari)

This was taken in July 1996 on the Dalton Highway driving north. This patch of fireweed was just before crossing the Yukon River Bridge. There was a forest fire before you can tell due to the black trees and black dead open field. This fireweed grew up in its place and it was very beautiful. I don't know where else fireweed grows besides the arctic but it is lovely.

I don't remember if I posted this one or not. Its of me on that same trip up the Dalton Highway. The time in the photo was about 11.30 pm (I was a skinny bastard eh?)

Farmer's Loop just outside Fairbanks. Wanted a photo of the Moose sign. I had seen many moose on this road before -this one and the Steese Highway.

Again I don't know if I already posted this one or not, but it was taken on 6th, Sept 1997. Driving down to Skagway for the Klondike Road relay race of 171km (?-forgot) but I thought it was really cool how the trees were cut to form a line on the border. (US/Canada, Alaska/Yukon) My right foot is in the YT and my left foot is in Alaska

I think this was when we stopped in Destruction Bay, YT. Stay tuned to the blog, I will post loads more. I still have a big box of the pictures I need to scan into the PC. So I'll try to do that sometime. Enjoy.

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