Why Americans are fat

Lets take this example here. I was waiting for an appointment and parked in a local Fast food Restaurant's parking lot, because it had a tree that I could use for shade. I waited there and took this picture cause I was absolutely appalled at the gross advertising. I only used the place later, to go in and take a piss, and then left.

Firstly Americans are always sucked into deals that trick us into buying more food that we don't need. To somehow think we are getting a better "Deal". The deal is being dealt by the fast food industry resulting in fat people. Why on earth - unless you were buying for 2 people - would anyone need 2 quarter pound burgers? And secondly, the burger to the right of that, fucking hell, that thing is massive. Way bigger than any normal sized portion. Lastly, that "Salad" is probably as fattening as any burger, but under the guise of being a "salad" they trick people into thinking they are eating healthy. Its got greasy beef, probably cheese, and sour cream.

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