My asshole neighbors

These motherfuckers bought a dog -shortly before we moved into this house in October 2005. I know this because the dog was just a small puppy the first time I noticed him. These motherfuckers keep the dog outside 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The dog has never seen the inside of these peoples home. If you remember, back when I was complaining about this these people would leave the dog outside with snow falling.

These motherfuckers have no business owning a dog. The guy is a total prick and he didn't even answer or respond to our letter. The dog was howling and howling one night last week. I noticed he was still chained to the tree as he had been since 7 am that morning. It was now almost midnight. I went outside and saw that the bowl of water that he did have was shallow and was dirty. And the food bowl was overturned and completely empty. So we brought out some food to him and he ate it up. These motherfuckers hadn't tended to him all day. The first picture was taken this morning and the sun was hot to me sitting in my back yard. I am sure it was hot to this dog cause of him being black. He was so hot that he was hiding behind his house to escape the sun.

So I don't know what to do. If I call the pound on him this asshole is going to probably get me back somehow. But I hate the way that they treat this dog. Him locked in a cage like a prisoner. To be constantly treading in his own shit. And this guy's stupid teenage daughters don't give a shit either. It all makes for an unpleasant situation.

The only exciting thing going on lately is my newest additions to flickr. And its also coming up on the 2 year anniversary of this blog though I haven't been updating this at all. Will find the zoo pictures on the other camera and upload them sometime.

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