More Makeshift

Well, not makeshift per se. I was driving On Hwy 61 North in Kentucky today and some dickhead in desperate need of a cock punching pulled in front of me, I wouldn't have minded too much except the asshole made the next right turn. -I still wouldn't have minded as much if The motherfucking cock bite had working goddamm brake lights! HOLY fucking shit, what the fucking fuck is wrong with people who think they can drive a fucking car with no fucking brake lights! Here I am barreling down the highway -a good 5 car lengths behind and Then for some reason I see that I am moving in on his car. FREAKING FAST! Its because the asshole doesn't have any working brake lights - I didn't get warned that the asshole was turning. -It would have been good if he had at least used a turn signal, but he didn't even do that. What the fucking fuck! These states need to get their freaking act together and start doing car inspections. This is absolute bullshit -where we have people driving cars on the road with no brake lights whatsoever!

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