Flickr Maps

Just started the long process of editing map information to my flickr photos. You can view them here. You zoom in to the map where you see a number and as you zoom in closer, the location is more precise. Its very difficult work, looking for clues as to where each photo was taken, and going from memory. Of course its never going to be 100% correct. But I am going to strive to achieve that 100% accuracy. I now look back on the 45% of all the flickr photos online, and I realize that they are incorrect. When editing their map data, I was dropping it into a map, and not using the sat photo as a guide. I feel a bit disappointed seeing that sat photos of Birmingham and other parts of the UK are not in detail. The roadways are not in detail either. Yahoo Maps need to get with the program. Looks just like a Google maps clone. But at least with Google Maps you get street level accuracy in Birmingham.

Score: Yahoo 0, Google 1

But I suppose Flickr, being owned by Yahoo are obligated to use them. I do enjoy flickr.

Other news, is Daniella is ill with a fever. She had a 100.3 and has been stopped up and coughing. Getting sick cause the mucus stays in the back of her throat and she is not able to get rid of it. She goes to the doctor's tomorrow to get her flu shot. It would be totally fucked up if she is getting the flu now, probably from some other kid at school, days before getting the flu shot. That would piss me off. But she should be ok. I think she is over the hump of the worst of it now. I hope she can sleep OK tonight cause she needs to be awakened early tomorrow. Bless her.

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