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I took this photo in Kentucky. I also posted it up to flickr. (See photo page) I will reiterate here what I said in the comments section.

I do see things like this every day. I come across some very scenic views. What does this say about the people who live there? Some are nice and live respectable and clean lifestyles. Some others, live like disgusting pigs. Ruining the nice view with squalor. Just 1 mile down this road, after having taken this picture, I saw houses with trash and junk strewn about the yard and I can only imagine what the inside of these houses looked like. I also heard that on that road they harvest meth and other drugs (a few photos later, you will notice a dog) I thought was to protect the horses but it may have been used to protect the drugs. What is it with white trash motherfuckers and Pitbulls?

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Tainted Rose said...

Wow, beautiful!