28 Weeks Later

Saw the film and absolutely loved it, despite some cringe moments. If you are a fan of horror, its excellent. Excellent cinematography, and excellent music used very nicely throughout the film.


Al said...

I'm hoping to get to see this next week. The copy I had was pretty damn dark and unwatchable so I will get a better one soon.

One of those rare sequels that improves and compliments the original?

Chris said...

Yes, but it really is a different film. Yes the original was - well original. It was a fresh way at looking at a scifi thriller. Apart from the traditional "zombie" genre.

This one was really well done. Despite some plot faults and logical fallacies, (I am the pedantic geek you know) it was all over a visual treat that we have been waiting for. I am so glad that the original film was as big a success here in North America as it was, enabling this second one to be made. The actors performed extremely well. And it was a well edited, and well put together film.

Al said...

Sounds like a worthy recommendation.

BTW, I've just tagged you for a music meme over on my blog.

Care to play ?