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I was driving around today and saw some black smoke. I drove down the road to find that it was blocked. There - on the overpass, a fatal accident happened today. Read Channel 5's story here.

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HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn.- A tanker truck and dump truck collided Wednesday afternoon on Vietnam Veterans Boulevard, killing one person and closing the roadway in both directions.

The massive truck fire happened around 12:30 p.m. on State Route 386 or Vietnam Veterans Boulevard at the Stop Thirty overpass, which is located between Indian Lake Boulevard and Saundersville Road, according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Several people called and emailed NewsChannel 5 to say they saw a huge fire. Black smoke was visible from surrounding TDOT cameras.

"It was the blackest smoke you ever saw in your life," Cathy Flowers, who lives in the area.

Deep, dark clouds filled the sky after the explosive crash on Vietnam Veterans Boulevard.

"Instead of getting better it kept getting worse and worse," said Wanda McKinney.

It took firefighters several hours to get the flames under control.

One of the drivers died in the crash. The other was sent to Sumner Regional Medical Center.

Authorities said it appeared that the tractor trailer hit the dump truck from the rear. There was no spillage, but authorities were concerned because the tractor trailer carried a flammable liquid.

According to Cumberland Electric Membership Corp., 772 households were without power Wednesday afternoon due to down power lines caused by the collision.

Vietnam Veterans Boulevard was closed in both directions, and officials suggested that motorists take alternate routes including U.S. 31E or Gallatin Road or SR 174 also known as Long Hollow Pike.

TDOT reopened westbound lanes of Vietnam Veterans Boulevard around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Several TDOT HELP trucks were on the scene to assistance with traffic control and to provide assistance to motorists. TDOT bridge inspection crews inspected the overpass to determine if it was safe because flames scorched the Stop Thirty overpass. Traffic was allowed to move again beneath the bridge on Vietnam Veterans Boulevard.

Eastbound lanes on Vietnam Veterans Boulevard between New Shackle Island Road and U.S. 31E remained closed.

Motorists are urged to use either U.S. 31E, which is also known as Gallatin Road, or Long Hollow Pike as alternates.

TDOT said the heat from the fire damaged asphalt on the eastbound lanes underneath the Stop Thirty overpass.

Maintenance crews will be working Wednesday night to repave that section of the road.

TDOT said that the Stop Thirty overpass will be closed indefinitely and motorists should use Calendar Lane or New Shacke Island Road to cross Vietnam Veterans Boulevard.

Both vehicles were destroyed. As of Wednesday evening, investigators did not say whether charges would be filed.


Anonymous said...

when did it happen?
do you recall the date?

Chris said...

2007-06-14. Says at the top.