Tard, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Click on the flickr link (the photo) for more photos and more story) The dumbass is the one in the grey civic. I get on the highway and this dumb ass starts riding my ass. I notice on the top of his windshield he had placed a decal that said "Move Over ------->" but it was in reverse, so that when he rode up someones ass (this morning it was mine) they would be able to read it in the rearview mirror.
I let him pass and then tailgated his dumbass. He got caught up in the traffic and was looking for a way out, and the ass maggot tried to haul ass on the shoulder to the exit. But there were 2 state troopers parked preventing him from doing so. He ends up reversing and almost hitting me (at this point we are all going about 3 mph.)

Stupid dumbfuck.

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