It's done

And it was a pain in the ass till the end. I still don't know if it was done properly. We shall see in 48 hours.

You get the first reason of why I hate myspace. The bullshit ads that must be clicked through. The reason you don't see it here is cause I am using the far superior Firefox browser with Ad Block Plus add on. I still have to click through the link "Skip this Advertisement" (Pure bullshit)

Here is where I click through to the "New Friend Request" bullshit. Wow these cam spam whores actually want to be my friends! No shit! wow!

Clicking the "Cancel Account" link.

They feel the need to warn me, OK, sure I find that reasonable.

Cancel My account. What? I have to give a reason?

WTF?! I have to confirm the confirmation? Thats fucked up.

So I log into Gmail: (funny as hell - they say in the email "We will cancel your account within 48 hours, after which you will no longer be able to log in." Well no fucking shit Sherlock! Who the fuck wrote this shit!?)

The Gmail links through to this page. I have to confirm again. YESSS Goddammit!

WTF!!!! 48 goddammed hours! Thats bullshit!

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