New photos

I finally decided to go ahead and post some of the photos my dad took on his trip to the Philippines on flickr. So check them out, of course I give him all the credit. Its late again, and Daniella is staying the night at her grans. My first job is at 11 AM tomorrow so I can afford to be up a bit late. I saw an excellent doco on the Documentary Channel tonight about the Pixies. This prompted me to go and grab some of their songs online. I remember my brother used to listen to them and I already own the album "Trompe Le Monde" But I realize this album isn't even their best. Albums like "Surfer Rosa" and "Doolittle" have been out there. I do remember the song "Monkey Gone To Heaven" from my college radio days at KSUA. But I never even though to buy the album.

I am starting to get way more into indie rock. Lately its been a mix of Electronic and hip-hop (need I remind you what kind) and indie was sitting on the back burner, but I am experiencing a revival.

I am a subscriber to the BBC Radio Northants again, "The Weekender" they play some good indie stuff.

Recently had the opportunity to use some
Coconut Lime Verbena Handsoap and it smelt absolutely delightful.

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