Was browsing through the "How Stuff Works" website (becoming a favorite for reading material lately) and came across an article link out that was called "The World's Unhealthiest burger?" where a stadium has taken the liberty to invent an absurd burger whereby they take Krispy Kreme Donuts and use them as buns for a burger. WTF! Holy shit that is incredible.

Consider this part 2 in a long running series on this blog on Why Americans are fat. Read part 1 here.

While we are on that subject, there is a Fast food chain that was the subject of the photo I took for Part 1's post. Its a chain called Hardee's - in the West coast its called Carl's Jr. The dots representing where Hardee's stores are a direct representation of where the fat people are. You can see this at their menu page. Just click on where it says "Find my nearest Hardee's Store now" and a .swf file opens up. They offer up some real nice sandwiches like the "Monster Thickburger" that consists of 2/3 lb of beef patties, what looks like 4 strips of bacon, 3 slices of Cheese, mayonnaise on a buttered seeded bun! Weighing in at 1410 Calories (KCal) 47g of carbohydrates, 60g of protein 107g -I'll pause to let the severity of this number sink in... That's 107 g of fat! -45g of Saturated fat. 229 mg of cholesterol and 2740mg of sodium!

Considering that the FDA recommends only 65g of fat FOR THE WHOLE FUCKING DAY FOR FUCK SAKE!
um... Yeah...

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