Don't Leave

Don't Leave, originally uploaded by Chris1051.

Yesterday, Daniella got sad that I had to leave for work and I promised her I would get to spend Saturday (today) with her. Then I get a phone call at 10 this morning, after breakfast and when I was at that point where I was just about to enjoy the Saturday off, (my last full day here in TN for a week). Seems at work they wanted me to hit a job today. I was mostly mad I had to turn down this sad face. Especially after I had promised her I would be with her today. I was pissed off. I know I signed on to this job but my time off should be my time off. As it turns out, after looking at the online schedule, everyone except one guy here in Nashville was working today. I guess I missed that memo. I will be booking some fat ass overtime!

Daniella is now napping.

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