I think I brought Maine with me.

I left MA on WED night. 33 degrees F. I go up to Maine where its 7 degrees F. I come back its still warm here. Now tonight its going to get ballz cold. (15)?

Anyway, yeah the Maine photos are up (as you can see) I just posted them. The Sbarro is a funny story cause I got myself a big piece of pizza and a single meatball and a bottle of water. Being in a services area things are going to be expensive. The girl was totally spaced out -who checked me out. She rang up my meatball and my 20oz bottle of Poland Spring. Which rang up to be something like $5.45

So I got my pizza for free which was ace. But the pizza was semi-cold. The guy who served it to me didn't even stick it in the oven for a minute to warm it up. -Point is -it was free.

Job went ok as you can probably gather. Nice view in Bucksport. Reminds me of the little Canadian towns in New Brunswick & Nova Scotia. Or I suppose it could have been the COLD-ASS weather that reminded me of it. This coming from a guy who lived in Ft. Wainwright, Alaska for 3 years.

Christmas is almost here.

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