Now cold

I was doing my night office cleaning tonight. There is one place I do where two women always use these small space heaters. The problem is, they leave these on after they leave. It used to piss me off in a way, I would think that these could start a fire. So sometimes I would unplug them and place them on these ladies desks' to prove a point.

Finally the manager of the place left a note attached to both of them and they cracked me the hell up so much I had to copy them on the copy machine and share them with you.

In case its hard to read the one on the left says:

"12/27/04 I Think we are going to haveto try something else. Maybe some warmer clothing. This is too much of a risk. -MJP"

And the one on the right says:

"12/27/04 Wear warmer clothes these cannot stay on All night Fire Hazard. -MJP"

Cracks me the hell up.

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