In Bangor now

Alls I gotsta say is its colder than a muthafucka up here. its now 7º F the hotel is dead. I went out in the computer in the lobby. Didn't do too much on there cause there were loads of people around and they were all looking over my shoulder -punk ass kids.

So I have come to my room, which is in an excellent location. Right next to the lobby but far enough away that I don't get all the racket. Watching TV and typing this.

The trip up went by very quickly -due to my jamming to some tunes all the way. I got out of the car to check in to the hotel and ...damn! it was a shock. I have a short 35 minute drive tomorrow morning. I have to be there at 830 and I want to be there early. I plan to eat breakfast in the restaurant so I should probably wake up at...6.

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