At home... cozy

I sit here at my computer. It is very cozy inside cause its nice and semi-warm outside. I usually clean 3 different offices on Fridays and I told Dave, my boss of job #2, that I would try and clean them all today. (bear this in mind)

Last night I rented the following DVDs

Friday After Next

Old School

Euro Trip

I wanted to get some comedy to brighten my mood. I watched "Friday After Next", which was not as good as the previous two in that series. But still funny. I then watched "Euro Trip" which was funny still but I can see why the thing was released on DVD so quickly. Typical coming of age movie with some ok jokes, and obvious fiction. I want my comedies to have at least some realism to them. If that makes sense. Needless to say I guess I didn't really like the movie despite loads of cameos. I went ahead and saw the last one too. That one was funny as hell and I am glad I rented it.

Now I stayed up so late watching these I slept in late today. My aim was to go back to my office, take care of some things and then blaze through my night job. This didn't happen cause I was pissed in the morning. one of those "union thugs" who is actually a good guy - I suspect he had mob connections I worked with him on the job from RTE 3 back in Nov. Anyway this guy calls me up at 0830 and is asking about something pertaining to my work. I answered his questions while half-asleep and he understood that I was sleeping cause I didn't have to go into work today (Day job).

Then the freaking Fed Ex guy knocks on my door at 1000 and I let him leave. Cause it would be a struggle to accept the FedEx letter and prevent the dog from trying to bite him at the same time.

So anyway I ended up getting up at 12 and didn't really leave the house until 4. I went to pick up the FedEx letter at the FedEx office then had a bite at Subway. It was too lat enow, and I just didn't really feel like cleaning tonight.

I left a VM at job#2 office. Telling him I would clean one place tonight and the rest tomorrow. But it looks as if I am just going to sit at home and watch some Dish Network TV -take a break for once.

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