Gun Nuts

On one of my message boards there was a link to a pretty disturbing video out of Oklahoma. I have got no beefs with gun nuts -some are a bit kooky so you have to watch out for that, but in general they don't pose a problem. I did have a problem seeing a big fat mofo as one of them. And I know I am jumping ahead of myself here cause I don't know a thing about this man, but, the stereotypical neocon war hawks who always claim their freedoms are being taken away are usually uneducated fat ass mofos in the south and the midwest from what I have seen. And its usually those asshats who would be the last guys to step up and join the army. That doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of vets out there who are not fat ass mofos and who at the same time are indeed gun nuts. Lets leave them out of this discussion. Its the fat ass Rush Limbaugh types that kind of get to me. video here


Jennifer Lange said...

Hey, thanks for the advice about spam bots. I read your post and watched the video. To me the profoundly disturbing part of the video isn't the men in it but the little girl--our culture's last vestage of proverbial innocence--learning to fire automatic weapons at random targets. Are we becoming more and more like the consructed enemies we face? --Jenn Lange

Chris said...

I know!

Just rednecks for ya.