Shit Happens

I had reduced myself to work in a plant. It wasn't actually on the assembly line, so it could have been worse. It was working in an office so that wasn't really bad. I had reduced myself to working through a temp agency. I had reduced myself to accepting a huge pay cut just to pay the bills. So I am working through this temp agency and each night I would have to ask the security guard to clock me out using one of those old-fashioned time card things (one that I hadn't seen since 1993). I tell the man my number. "Hey I'm number 4" No names just numbers. I had gotten the overall feeling that this company had treated temps as nothing more than a pair of hands, nothing more than a number. Not like they were actual human beings. I catch glimpse of a yellow post-it note attached to my timecard. It says:

What could it be? I thought standing there. Here it was 6 30 pm I had just put in a full day and a full week. Echoes of "Office Space" could be heard in my head.

"We find its always best to fire someone on a Friday..."

Well there was a moment of fear there. But half of me said not to worry, I hadn't done anything wrong, and I should just enjoy my weekend.

And I did. I saw two movies, and just relaxed very nicely.

So now 7 30 am comes around and I am "reporting" if you will, to the temp agency. I can already tell what the woman is going to say to me by reading her body language. And you already know what she told me as well.

Anyway I am pissed off right now. I am pissed off at this economy and I am pissed off at this job market. I am an educated person. I have technical skills. These companies try and boast that their shit is "Made in the USA" but the harsh realities of it are these companies don't give a shit about their workers. And they try and skimp out on everything to make their profits higher for themselves. They wipe their asses with temp workers like the toilet paper that they are so they can skimp out on healthcare and benefits costs. The cunts.

I have been trying for the past 8 months to find something permanent and something direct. The temp service was used only as a last resort. I am bitter. This strengthens my hatred for fatcat CEOs and "the man". This country is fucked up. This is only one out of many other things that prove this.

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