I keep meaning to do so many things but they never get done. I keep meaning to pay the rest of the phone bill that was my monthly flogging from Bellsouth.net but I keep hitting a few snags. Last night I managed to pay my AMEX bill. But today a typical day goes like:

06:00 Wake up and check email for today's jobs.
07:00 get ready for work
08:20 Leave home to go to the office to see if I need anything for today's jobs cause I didn't get an email response.
10:00 arrive at first job, work through doing other jobs until
18:20 When I make my way home. Hauling some serious ass.
19:50 Arrive home to eat dinner as I am starving (hadn't had but 2 sandwiches and a fruit cup for lunch, 5 hours prior)
20:10 Play with Daniella since I hadn't seen her all day.
22:00 Daniella is off to bed and I head upstairs to start the paperwork for today
00:05 Finally done with paperwork. Now I have to check jobs for tomorrow (well, today (29th Jun)
00:14 Log on to Blogger.com to bitch and complain about my busy day.

The good thing about busy days like this is it makes the week go by so much quicker.

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