Some photos -Tour De Tennessee

I plan on posting regular photos of my daily travels here. Ill snap something that I think is cool to post on. Here is the first series of many more to come.

On I65 going South near Exit 97. Big and strange looking cloud.

On 41A in Oak Grove, KY -just right outside Ft. Campbell. This Cow probably has been a landmark for years. I remember it from when I was living on Ft. Campbell. I tried to take a good photo of it while driving past. It is some kind of steak house - I never ate there.

A house in Guthrie, KY

Really Cool looking building in Guthrie, KY.

Stuck behind a slow-ass truck from Guthrie, KY to Adams, TN and Springfield, TN. I didn't really mind though as I was enjoying the scenery and my iPod in the car.

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