Le Tour de Tennessee

Typical view driving in the country in TN.

Into the tunnel of green.

The tunnel of green.

An abandoned old barn (Also typical in TN)

A cool rock formation (man made to make the road) TN is full of these.

Open Road. I found out later that I was on the wrong road here and ended up in Kentucky.

I hate this shit.

This is the reason. The Speed limit is 55. At the very least people should be going the speed limit.

Another cool looking rock structure. It was carved out to make an intersection.

Cool looking rock structure.

Traffic Jam 65SB @ exit 98

The Traffic Jam behind

Off the Highway on 31

On I-40WB before Gordonsville

Fog at Gordonsville

the setup :) Very professional setup here :)

Gordonsville weather station at the rest stop.

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