Today was the second day of 2 days of meetings for work. Held at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel at 1111 Airport Center Dr. Nashville, TN 37214. The conference room was small and closed in. It almost had a "bunker" feel to it. The temperature was quite cold inside. I felt trapt and claustrophobic. The training today was ok. pre-lunch everything was fine, we had plenty of coffee and Holiday Inn Express Cinnamon rolls to keep us awake. Post lunch was a whole different story though. We had BarBCutie catered. The food was plentiful. The Memphis guys jokingly complained that it wasn't "real Memphis" barbecue. But I ate my fill. Then came the second round of lecture. 2 Company professionals had come from Florida to discuss some training. The discussion was in depth and really very interesting. Excellent discussion. However after a big lunch and after having gotten up at 0630 this morning (I normally wake up at 8 or so) I was starting to feel the pain. I stood up and tried to eat a granny smith apple to shake the sleepiness. Nothing could help. Not even more coffee. This was almost as bad as Project Management Training. Not nearly as bad as Hazardous Materials training. -Where a normal pot of coffee was poured out and consumed within 30 seconds of it being brewed, all day.
No not nearly as bad as that 2 week course I was forced to take in Alaska. But I was hurting today I tell you.
Ended at a reasonable hour to afford the Memphis crew time to drive back. Then it just got ballz cold. With wind blowing. I really dont mind the cold, what with Global Warming and the hell that was summer 2006. Also my years in Alaska and Boston, I tend to think a small bit of flurries and a mere -6ยบ C is nothing.
Worked in the office late and came home. Have been posting photos to flickr and will try and organize them after this post. (Flickr Scripts are running poorly on IE7) Microsoft thinks they got it but they don't. With a poor attempt at knocking the iPod out of the box with their babyshit brown mp3 player they call Zune. Heh.

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