I am certain I finally met Bubba here in Tennessee. When at the grocery store for some late night items - I first overheard one of the cashier girls explain to another cashier girl that it was the first of the month and "that was why."
Alarm bells went off in my head and then I saw them. Two kids roaming the aisles. The oldest appeared to be about 13 and the young one appeared to be about 9-10. They looked identical except that one was bigger. But other than that they had the exact same features and they were equally proportionate to each other - same fattness and same shape. The younger one was walking down the cereal aisle rubbing his big fat belly -the universal hand signal for "I'm hungry" Parents nowhere to be found.
Rounding my way through the frozen foods section I finally saw him. A middle aged man who was a giant replica of the kids. Exactly the same body shape and size -but proportionately bigger as he was older. Like father, like sons. In his cart there was about 15 "Hungry Man" frozen dinners. The guy was wearing bedroom slippers and pajamas. He was massive. He had a beard and wiry dirty hair. it was interesting to see them all together. I kind of wish I had been able to take a picture. Surely one of these guys was named Bubba. I held my breath as I passed.
In the next aisle over I heard someone coughing up a lung. It almost made me cringe. I got what I needed and sure made my way to the exit. The guy coughing looked like the stereotypical white trash methhead or -just plain white trash. He looked like he was 18 years old. He was walking with a girl who looked like she was 16, long black hair wearing a slipknot sweater and a knit red and black cap. They ended up getting in front of me in line. They had about $75 worth of groceries. Paid using an EBT card which is the new Food Stamp.
I am not one to judge or look down upon people. I feel a bit indifferent when it comes to food stamps. I have been in situations where I think we could have used them but I never used them or applied for them. Then I see fuckwhits in the grocery store flipping a cell phone with some jewelry pay with an EBT and then get into an expensive gas guzzling SUV. Some people genuinely need this and they cant get it because of the amount of fraud.
I passed some pre made burger meat in the freezer aisle called "bubba burgers".

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