Served since childbirth

Its quite sad to see people waste their entire short precious lives worrying about whether or not they are going to go to heaven or whether they are going to be tortured forever in hell.

From the BBC:

TV evangelist Messner dies at 65
Former US TV evangelist Tammy Faye Messner has died aged 65 near Kansas City after a long battle with cancer.

Messner became a household name in the US in the 1980s as Tammy Faye Bakker, the wife of preacher Jim Bakker.

Her tearful nationally-televised pleas for money and souls helped turn the Praise The Lord (PTL) network into a multi-million dollar business.

Yes, thats it. God wants you to give till it hurts. I think its a good idea to yank all § 501 c. status of all churches. Force them to compete for money like any other business.

"She is now in heaven with her mother and grandmother and Jesus Christ, the one who she loves and has served from childbirth," he said.

hmm thats odd, someone "serving" Jesus since childbirth? I didn't know any child who could serve anyone as they are born. This says a lot about childhood indoctrination. What if she had been born in China, or in Afghanistan? It is a common belief of theists that you don't have any say in where you were born, so if there is an omniscient and omnipotent God out there and Christianity is right and Islam is wrong, why would he allow her (if she had been born) or anyone to be born into Afghanistan to Afghanistan parents? To live her life in a war-torn country - with a very low life expectancy?

Cause it makes God happy to see suffering? If not why doesn't he put a stop to it?

a famine stricken Sudanese child trying to reach food. Behind her is a vulture waiting for her to die so it can feed upon her.

a communist guerrilla being executed in a Saigon street during the Vietnam War

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